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December Short-Term Energy Outlook forecasts non-OPEC production decline in 2016 December 9, 2015

BrentSTEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)WTI (West Texas Intermediate)crude oilexports/importsoil/petroleumpricesweekly

October Short-Term Energy Outlook lowers crude price forecast for 2016 November 12, 2015

BrentSTEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)WTI (West Texas Intermediate)crude oiloil/petroleumpricesweekly

Household heating costs are expected to be lower than previous two winters October 6, 2015

HGL (hydrocarbon gas liquid)STEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)dailyelectricityexports/importsheating oilnatural gasoil/petroleumpricespropanerevenuesalesweather

Effects of Removing Restrictions on U.S. Crude Oil Exports September 1, 2015

Congressional & other requestscrude oilexports/importsgasolineoil/petroleumpetroleum productspipelinespricesproduction/supplyrefining

EIA lowers crude oil price forecast through 2016 August 19, 2015

STEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)WTI (West Texas Intermediate)crude oildailygasolineliquid fuelsoil/petroleumprices

August Short-Term Energy Outlook lowers crude price forecast for 2015 and 2016 August 12, 2015

BrentOPECWTI (West Texas Intermediate)crude oiloil/petroleumpricesproduction/supplyweekly

Sales of Fossil Fuels Produced from Federal and Indian Lands, FY 2003 through FY 2014 July 17, 2015

Congressional & other requestsannualcoalcrude oilliquid fuelsmost popularnatural gasoil/petroleumproduction/supplyreservesstates

Summer gasoline prices are lowest in years July 14, 2015

STEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)dailygasolineoil/petroleumprices

EIA celebrates 20 years on the Internet June 30, 2015

dailytotal energy

Marine Fuel Choice For Ocean Going Vessels Within Emission Control Areas June 11, 2015

LNG (liquefied natural gas)NEMS (National Energy Modeling System)coalemissionsmarine transportationtransportation

June Short-Term Energy Outlook reduces crude oil price forecast based on supply June 10, 2015

BrentSTEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)WTI (West Texas Intermediate)crude oiloil/petroleumpricesweekly

Increases in U.S. crude oil production are predominantly light, sweet crude June 4, 2015

crude oildailyoil/petroleumproduction/supply

EIA projects 56% of crude oil production growth between 2014 and 2020 will consist of light sweet grades June 3, 2015

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2015crude oilliquid fuelsoil/petroleumproduction/supplyweekly

Levelized cost comparisons help explain value of various electric generation technologies June 3, 2015


U.S. Crude Oil Production to 2025: Updated Projection of Crude Types May 28, 2015

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)Congressional & other requestscrude oiloil/petroleumproduction/supplyreserves

Under the proposed Clean Power Plan, natural gas, then renewables, gain generation share May 27, 2015

CO2 (carbon dioxide)EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)dailyelectricityemissionsenvironmentgeneration

Proposed Clean Power Plan rule cuts power sector CO2 emissions to lowest level since 1980s May 26, 2015

CO2 (carbon dioxide)EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)dailyelectricityemissionsenvironmentgeneration

U.S. retail gasoline prices lowest since 2009 heading into Memorial Day weekend May 22, 2015

BrentCaliforniaSTEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)dailygasolineoil/petroleumpricesstates

Power generation from coal and natural gas expected to temporarily converge this spring May 14, 2015

STEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)coaldailyelectricityhydroelectricnatural gasnuclearrenewables

EIA updates crude oil price forecast for 2015 and 2016 May 13, 2015

BrentSTEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)WTI (West Texas Intermediate)drillingexports/importsoil/petroleumproduction/supplyweekly

Projected electric capacity additions are below recent historical levels May 11, 2015

capacitydailyelectricitygenerating capacitygeneration

Implications of Increasing Light Tight Oil Production for U.S. Refining May 5, 2015

Congressional & other requestsoil/petroleumproduction/supplyrefiningtight oil

Increasing domestic production of crude oil reduces net petroleum imports April 21, 2015

crude oildailyexports/importsliquid fuelsproduction/supply

Updated Buildings Sector Appliance and Equipment Costs and Efficiency April 15, 2015

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)commercialconsumption/demandefficiencyresidential

EIA's Annual Energy Outlook will be released later today April 14, 2015


Retail gasoline prices for summer 2015 are projected to be more than $1/gallon lower than last summer April 8, 2015

STEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)gasolineoil/petroleumpricesweekly

Summer gasoline prices to be down more than $1 from last summer April 8, 2015

STEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)dailygasolineoil/petroleumprices

Technical options for processing additional light tight oil volumes within the United States April 6, 2015

Congressional & other requestscrude oilexports/importsoil/petroleumproduction/supplytight oil

EIA launches new data add-in tool for Microsoft Excel for Windows March 18, 2015

dailytotal energy

Federal Financial Interventions and Subsidies in Energy March 13, 2015

Congressional & other requestsbiofuelscoalelectricityfinancial marketsliquid fuelsmost popularnuclearoil/petroleumrenewablessolarwind

Total energy subsidies decline since 2010, with changes in support across fuel types March 13, 2015

biofuelscoaldailyelectricityliquid fuelsnatural gasnuclearoil/petroleumrenewablessolarwind

Availability and Price of Petroleum and Petroleum Products Produced in Countries Other Than Iran, The February 26, 2015

Congressional & other requestsIranOPECconsumption/demandcrude oilexports/importsinternationalmodel documentationnon-OPECoil/petroleumpetroleum productspipelinespricesproduction/supplyquarterlyreserves

EIA expects gasoline demand to increase by nearly 1% in 2015 February 11, 2015

STEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)consumption/demandgasolineoil/petroleumpricesweekly

Assessment of Interval Data and Their Potential Application to Residential Electricity End-Use Modeling, An February 10, 2015

CBECS (Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey)Congressional & other requestsRECS (Residential Energy Consumption Survey)buildingsconsumption/demandelectricityresidential

Drivers of U.S. Household Energy Consumption, 1980-2009 February 3, 2015

Congressional & other requestsRECS (Residential Energy Consumption Survey)buildingsconsumption/demandefficiencyenergy efficiencyexports/importsmost popularresidential

NEMS Freight Transportation Module Improvement Study February 3, 2015

Congressional & other requestsNEMS (National Energy Modeling System)transportation

Market balances are reflected in changing futures price spreads January 28, 2015

BrentSTEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)WTI (West Texas Intermediate)financial marketsfuturesinventories/stocksoil/petroleumpricesweekly

Market expectations of oil price uncertainty have increased in recent months January 14, 2015

BrentOPECSTEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)WTI (West Texas Intermediate)crude oilinventories/stocksliquid fuelsoil/petroleumrig counttight oilweekly

Market expectations of oil price uncertainty have increased in recent months January 14, 2015

BrentSTEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)WTI (West Texas Intermediate)crude oildailyliquid fuelsoil/petroleumprices

Availability and Price of Petroleum and Petroleum Products Produced in Countries Other Than Iran, The December 18, 2014

Congressional & other requestsIranOPECconsumption/demandcrude oilexports/importsinternationalmodel documentationnon-OPECoil/petroleumpetroleum productspipelinespricesproduction/supplyquarterlyreserves

Lower crude oil prices further reduce expected spending on heating oil this winter December 17, 2014

BrentSTEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)crude oildistillate fuelexports/importsheating oiloil/petroleumpricesweekly

OPEC net oil export revenues expected to fall in 2014 and 2015 December 17, 2014

OPECdailyfinancial marketsinternationalliquid fuelsoil/petroleum

U.S. household gasoline expenditures in 2015 on track to be the lowest in 11 years December 16, 2014

dailygasolineliquid fuelsoil/petroleumpricestransportation

EIA forecasts $68-per-barrel average Brent crude price in 2015 while recognizing high price uncertainty December 10, 2014

BrentSTEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)WTI (West Texas Intermediate)crude oiloil/petroleumpricesweekly

Hydrocarbon Gas Liquids (HGL): Recent Market Trends and Issues November 25, 2014

HGL (hydrocarbon gas liquid)ethaneexports/importsinventories/stocksliquid fuelsnatural gasoil/petroleumpricesproduction/supplypropanestoragetransportation

Increased natural gas production would meet most demand from added LNG exports November 12, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014dailynatural gaspricesproduction/supply

Issues in International Energy Consumption Analysis: Electricity Usage in India’s Housing Sector November 7, 2014


After record injections, natural gas storage levels now within 7% of 5-year average November 7, 2014

STEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)dailyelectricitygenerationinventories/stocksnatural gasstorageweather

Availability and Price of Petroleum and Petroleum Products Produced in Countries Other Than Iran, The October 30, 2014

Congressional & other requestsIranOPECconsumption/demandcrude oilexports/importsinternationalmodel documentationnon-OPECoil/petroleumpetroleum productspipelinespricesproduction/supplyquarterlyreserves

What Drives U.S. Gasoline Prices? October 30, 2014

BrentCongressional & other requestsWTI (West Texas Intermediate)consumption/demandcrude oilexports/importsgasolineoil/petroleumpricesproduction/supplyspot pricestransportation

Effect of Increased Levels of Liquefied Natural Gas Exports on U.S. Energy Markets October 29, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014Congressional & other requestsLNG (liquefied natural gas)consumption/demandexports/importsinternationalnatural gaspipelinespricesproduction/supply

Price Elasticities for Energy Use in Buildings of the United States October 22, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014NEMS (National Energy Modeling System)buildingscommercialconsumption/demanddistillate fuelelectricityexports/importsnatural gaspricesresidential

Behavioral Economics Applied to Energy Demand Analysis: A Foundation October 15, 2014

NEMS (National Energy Modeling System)commercialconsumption/demandenergy efficiencyindustrialresidentialtransportation

Less severe weather means lower expected household heating bills this winter October 7, 2014

HGL (hydrocarbon gas liquid)STEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)dailyelectricityheating oilliquid fuelsnatural gasoil/petroleumpropaneweather

EIA's forecast of 2014 gasoline use has risen 2 billion gallons (1.6%) in past 10 months September 10, 2014

STEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)dailyexports/importsgasolineoil/petroleum

Average Brent crude oil prices trade within $5 per barrel range for 13 months in a row August 21, 2014

BrentSTEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)crude oildailyliquid fuelsoil/petroleum

Bakken fuels North Dakota’s oil production growth August 4, 2014

BakkenNorth Dakotacrude oildailyliquid fuelsoil/petroleumproduction/supplyreservesstates

Oil prices drive projected enhanced oil recovery using carbon dioxide July 30, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014WTI (West Texas Intermediate)crude oildailyoil/petroleumproduction/supplyreserves

As cash flow flattens, major energy companies increase debt, sell assets July 29, 2014

dailyfinancial markets

Natural gas injection season continues on pace for record refill July 28, 2014

dailyinventories/stocksnatural gasstorageweather

Fuel economy and average vehicle cost vary significantly across vehicle types July 22, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014dailyefficiencygasolineoil/petroleumvehicles

Recent improvements in petroleum trade balance mitigate U.S. trade deficit July 21, 2014

crude oildailyexports/importsliquid fuelsoil/petroleum

Light-duty vehicles’ share of transportation energy use is projected to fall July 18, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014consumption/demanddailyexports/importsrailtransportation

EIA projects modest needs for new electric generation capacity July 16, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014dailyelectricitygenerating capacitygenerationpower plants

Significant fuel economy improvement options exist for light-duty gasoline vehicles July 15, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy)EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)alternative fuelsdailyefficiencygasolineliquid fuelsoil/petroleumregulationrenewablesstandardsvehicles

Flickr page and other tools make EIA data more accessible July 14, 2014


UK became a net importer of petroleum products in 2013 July 3, 2014

United Kingdomcrude oildailyexports/importsinternationaloil/petroleum

Fuel economy standards drive down projected gasoline use; diesel use, product exports rise June 26, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)dailydieselemissionsenvironmentgasolineliquid fuelsoil/petroleumpolicyregulation

Projected growth in natural gas-fired generation is influenced by resource availability June 13, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014dailyelectric generationelectricityelectricity generating fuel mix

Crude-by-rail transportation provides Bakken Shale production access to major markets June 10, 2014

Bakkencrude oildailyoil/petroleumrailshale

Power sector CO2 emissions sensitive to policy changes and natural gas supply June 9, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014CO2 (carbon dioxide)dailyelectric generationelectricity generating fuel mixemissionsenvironmentnatural gas

NOAA predicts relatively quiet Atlantic hurricane season June 4, 2014

BakkenMarcellusSTEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)crude oildailydisruptionnatural gasoil/petroleumproduction/supplyweather

China promotes both fuel efficiency and alternative-fuel vehicles to curb growing oil use May 13, 2014

Chinaconsumption/demanddailygasolineinternationalliquid fuelsoil/petroleumsales

EIA releases complete Annual Energy Outlook 2014 report May 7, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014daily

Implications of low electricity demand growth April 30, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014consumption/demandelectric generationelectricityemissionsgenerating capacitygeneration

Lower U.S. electricity demand growth would reduce fossil fuels’ projected generation share April 30, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014CO2 (carbon dioxide)coaldailygenerationnatural gasnuclearrenewablessolar

Variations in AEO2014 renewable electricity projections April 29, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standards)alternative fuelsbiomasselectric generationelectricityelectricity generating fuel mixgenerationgeothermalhydroelectricpolicyrenewablessolarwaste-to-energywind

Implications of accelerated power plant retirements April 28, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014coalelectricitygenerating capacitygenerationpower plants

Implications of lower natural gas prices on industrial production April 23, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014industrialnatural gasoil/petroleumpricesproduction/supplyresources

No Sunset and Extended Policies cases April 21, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy)exports/importsindustrialregulationresidentialstandardstransportation

Light-duty vehicle energy demand: demographics and travel behavior April 16, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014CO2 (carbon dioxide)emissionsvehicles

Potential for liquefied natural gas use as a railroad fuel April 14, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014LNG (liquefied natural gas)

U.S. tight oil production: Alternative supply projections and an overview of EIA’s analysis of well-level data aggregated to the county level April 7, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014exports/importsoil/petroleumpricesproduction/supplytight oil

Oil futures price curve has steepened over the past six months September 20, 2013

dailyfinancial marketsfuturesliquid fuelsoil/petroleumprices