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Overview & general

  • State Energy Profile Maps
    • Map Details and Data
      • Federal lands
      • Market hubs: NGL and natural gas
      • Oil/gas refining and processing
      • Oil and gas wells
      • Pipelines and electric transmission
      • Power plants
      • Resources: coal, oil and gas, shale, tight gas, biomass, geothermal, photovoltaic solar, wind
      • Storage
      • Waterborne transport: petroleum ports, waterways, and LNG import/export terminals


Electricity & nuclear

Oil and natural gas

  • Low Permeability Oil and Gas Plays
  • Major tight oil and shale gas plays in lower 48 States
  • Available formats: Interactive
  • Underground natural gas storage facilities
  • Available formats: PNG
  • Marketed production of natural gas in the United States and the Gulf of Mexico, 2009
  • Available formats: PDF
  • Natural gas market centers
  • Available formats: PDF
  • Selected wholesale electricity and natural gas pricing locations
  • Available formats: PNG
  • Top 100 oil fields
  • Available formats: JPG
  • Top 100 natural gas fields
  • Available formats: JPG
  • U.S. Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Natural Gas Liquids Reserves Summary, 2008 Maps of Selected State Subdivisions
  • Available formats: PDF
  • World shale gas map (Map of 95 major basins in 42 countries)
  • Available formats: JPG


  • U.S. Energy Atlas

  • U.S. Energy Atlas
  • Energy Disruptions

  • Energy Disruptions