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Electricity products Interactive data tools

  • Electricity Data Browser
  • Interactive data query tool of charts and maps with data for generation, consumption, fossil fuel receipts, stockpiles, retail sales, electricity prices, and more
  • Wholesale Electricity Market Portal
  • Hourly electricity generation and wholesale price data for the seven Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO) and Independent System Operators (ISO)
  • Electric Power Monthly
  • Data on net generation by source and state; fossil fuel consumption and stocks; quantity, cost, and quality of fossil fuels; electricity sales, revenue, and average revenue per kilowatthour of electricity sold; and lists of new and planned generating plants
  • Electric Power Annual
  • National and regional data on electricity generating capacity, electricity generation and useful thermal output, fuel receipts, consumption, and emissions
  • Wholesale Electricity and Natural Gas Market Data
  • Data on weighted-average prices for electricity and natural gas traded at hubs and delivery points in North America and prices republished, with permission, from the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and updated biweekly
  • Electric Sales, Revenue, and Average Price
  • Available data include electricity sales, revenues, customer counts, peak load, electric purchases, energy efficiency and demand-side management programs, green pricing and net metering programs, and distributed generation capacity

Survey-level detailed data files

  • Electric Utility Detailed Data Files
  • Available data on retail sales of electricity and associated revenue by end-use sector, green pricing, net metering, and data by individual electric utility, state, and reporting month
  • Power Plant Operating Data Files
  • Available data on generation by plant and prime mover for each fuel consumed; the quality, cost, and volumes of fossil fuels delivered; and month-ending stocks of fossil fuels
  • Electric Generator Capacity Data
  • Electric utility and non-utility generator-specific plant data, including in-service date, prime movers, generating capacity, energy sources, existing and proposed generators, county and state location, ownership, and FERC-qualifying facility status (Monthly values are preliminary; annual values are final.)