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Find statistics on electric power plants, capacity, generation, fuel consumption, sales, prices and customers.

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  • State summary statistics (Capacity, generation, price, emissions and more)
  • Release date: January 8, 2019 |Data from: State Electricity Profiles

Sales (consumption), revenue, prices & customers

  • Monthly Form EIA-861M (formerly EIA-826) detailed data (1990 - present)
  • Revenue, sales, customer counts, and retail price by state and sector
  • Available formats: XLS

Net metering

Generation and thermal output

Capacity of electric power plants

Consumption of fuels used to generate electricity

Receipts of fossil-fuels for electricity generation

  • Monthly summary
  • Monthly Release date: February 26, 2024|Data from: Electric Power Monthly
    • Physical units
    • Available formats: XLS
    • Btu
    • Available formats: XLS

Average cost of fossil-fuels for electricity generation

Fossil-fuel stocks for electricity generation

Cost, revenue and expenses

Electricity transactions, reliability

Demand-side management program

Electricity and the environment

  • InteractiveInteractive Electricity Data

  • browse pre-defined or custom data views, graph or map data series down to the plant level
  • Electricity data browser
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