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Annual Energy Outlook 2019

Release date: January 24, 2019   |  Next release date:  January 2020   |  full report

On January 29, EIA will release the Annual Energy Outlook 2020 at a public event hosted by the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington, DC at 9:00 a.m. ET. Webcast information.


Annual Energy Outlook 2019

presents yearly modeled projections
and analysis of energy topics

EIA's Annual Energy Outlook 2019 provides modeled projections of domestic energy markets through 2050, and it includes cases with different assumptions about macroeconomic growth, world oil prices, and technological progress.

Key takeaways from the Reference case include:

  • The United States becomes a net energy exporter in 2020 and remains so throughout the projection period as a result of large increases in crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas plant liquids (NGPL) production coupled with slow growth in U.S. energy consumption.
  • Of the fossil fuels, natural gas and NGPLs have the highest production growth, and NGPLs account for almost one-third of cumulative U.S. liquids production during the projection period.
  • Natural gas prices remain comparatively low based on historical prices during the projection period, leading to increased use of this fuel across end-use sectors and increased liquefied natural gas exports.
  • The power sector experiences a notable shift in fuels used to generate electricity, driven in part by historically low natural gas prices. Increased natural gas-fired electricity generation; larger shares of intermittent renewables; and additional retirements of less economic coal and nuclear plants occur during the projection period.
  • Increasing energy efficiency across end-use sectors keeps U.S. energy consumption relatively flat, even as the U.S. economy continues to expand.


Reference case tables  
A1 Table 1. Total Energy Supply, Disposition, and Price Summary
A2 Table 2. Energy Consumption by Sector and Source
A3 Table 3. Energy Prices by Sector and Source
A4 Table 4. Residential Sector Key Indicators and Consumption
A5 Table 5. Commercial Sector Indicators and Consumption
A6 Table 6. Industrial Sector Key Indicators and Consumption
A7 Table 7. Transportation Sector Key Indicators and Delivered Energy Consumption
A8 Table 8. Electricity Supply, Disposition, Prices, and Emissions
A9 Table 9. Electricity Generating Capacity
A10 Table 10. Electricity Trade

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