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Posted October 15, 2018Today in Energy

U.S. nuclear plant outages increased in September after remaining low during summer ›

Electric generation capacity losses as a result of U.S. nuclear plant outages were relatively low during much of the 2018 summer, averaging 2.8 gigawatts (GW) from June through August. This year’s seasonal maintenance and refueling cycle began earlier than in recent years, and total nuclear outages averaged 14.5 GW in the last week of September. The earlier-than-expected retirement of the Oyster Creek Generating Station and a temporary plant shutdown related to Hurricane Florence also increased outages in September. More

daily U.S. nuclear capacity outages

Source: EIA, based on U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission data

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Retail gasoline price

10/15/2018: $2.879/gal

down$0.024 from week earlier
up$0.390 from year earlier

Retail diesel price

10/15/2018: $3.394/gal

up$0.009 from week earlier
up$0.607 from year earlier

WTI crude oil futures price

10/12/2018: $71.34/barrel

down$3.00 from week earlier
up$20.74 from year earlier

Natural gas futures price

10/12/2018: $3.161/MMBtu

up$0.018 from week earlier
up$0.172 from year earlier

Weekly coal production

10/6/2018: 14.780 million tons

down0.396 million tons from week earlier
down0.498 million tons from year earlier