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Posted October 17, 2018Today in Energy

Natural gas-fired power plants are being added and used more in PJM Interconnection ›

The average annual capacity factors for natural gas-fired generators in the PJM Interconnection—the largest competitive wholesale electricity market in the United States—have increased in recent years, reflecting greater use of natural gas-fired generators in the region. More

PJM electric generator capacity, capacity factors, and electricity generation

Source: EIA, Power Plant Operations Report

Data Highlights

WTI crude oil futures price

10/16/2018: $71.92/barrel

down$3.04 from week earlier
up$20.05 from year earlier

Natural gas futures price

10/16/2018: $3.239/MMBtu

down$0.027 from week earlier
up$0.293 from year earlier

Retail heating oil price

10/15/18: $3.364/gal

up$0.012 from week earlier
up$0.706 from year earlier

Crude oil inventories

10/12/2018: 416.4 million barrels

up6.5 million barrels from week earlier
down40.0 million barrels from year earlier

Weekly coal production

10/6/2018: 14.780 million tons

down0.396 million tons from week earlier
down0.498 million tons from year earlier