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Posted June 22, 2018Today in Energy

Oil company additions to proved reserves in 2017 were the highest since 2013 ›

In 2017, a group of the world’s largest publicly traded oil and natural gas producers added more hydrocarbons to their resource base than in any year since 2013, according to the annual reports of 83 exploration and production companies. Collectively, these companies added a net 8.2 billion barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) to their proved reserves during 2017, which totaled 277 billion BOE at the end of the year. More

regional proved reserves for 83 publicly traded oil companies

Source: EIA, based on Evaluate Energy

    Data Highlights

    WTI crude oil futures price

    6/21/2018: $65.54/barrel

    down$1.35 from week earlier
    up$23.01 from year earlier

    Natural gas futures price

    6/21/2018: $2.975/MMBtu

    up$0.010 from week earlier
    up$0.082 from year earlier

    Weekly coal production

    6/16/2018: 14.981 million tons

    up0.066 million tons from week earlier
    down0.586 million tons from year earlier

    Natural gas inventories

    6/15/2018: 2,004 Bcf

    up91 Bcf from week earlier
    down757 Bcf from year earlier

    Crude oil inventories

    6/15/2018: 426.5 million barrels

    down5.9 million barrels from week earlier
    down82.6 million barrels from year earlier