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Posted July 1, 2020 Today in Energy

Nonfossil sources accounted for 20% of U.S. energy consumption in 2019 ›

Overall energy consumption in the United States totaled 100 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu) in 2019, only slightly less than the record set in 2018 and the third-highest level of annual U.S. energy consumption ever. About 20% of U.S. energy consumption in 2019 came from sources other than fossil fuels. Several energy sources hit record consumption values in 2019, based on data in the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Monthly Energy Review: natural gas, nuclear, wind, and solar. More

energy consumption in the United States

Source: EIA, Monthly Energy Review

Data Highlights

WTI crude oil futures price

7/1/2020: $39.82/barrel

up$1.81 from week earlier
down$16.43 from year earlier

Natural gas futures price

7/1/2020: $1.671/MMBtu

up$0.074 from week earlier
down$0.569 from year earlier

Natural gas inventories

6/26/2020: 3,077 Bcf

up65 Bcf from week earlier
up712 Bcf from year earlier

Crude oil inventories

6/26/2020: 533.5 million barrels 

up7.2 million barrels from week earlier
down65.0 million barrels from year earlier

Weekly coal production

6/27/2020: 9.051 million tons

down0.253 million tons from week earlier
down4.709 million tons from year earlier