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Posted May 23, 2018Today in Energy

The United States is a net energy importer from Canada ›

Canada is the largest energy trading partner of the United States, based on the combined value of energy exports and imports. Although the value of bilateral energy trade with Canada has varied over the past decade, driven primarily by changes in the prices of oil and natural gas, the overall structure of bilateral energy trade flows has changed relatively little, with the value of U.S. energy imports from Canada consistently exceeding the value of U.S. energy exports to Canada by a large margin. More

value of selected energy trade between Canada and the United States

Source: EIA, based on U.S. Census Bureau

    Data Highlights

    WTI crude oil futures price

    5/22/2018: $72.13/barrel

    up$0.82 from week earlier
    up$21.40 from year earlier

    Natural gas futures price

    5/22/2018: $2.908/MMBtu

    up$0.072 from week earlier
    down$0.422 from year earlier

    Retail gasoline price

    5/21/2018: $2.923/gal

    up$0.050 from week earlier
    up$0.524 from year earlier

    Crude oil inventories

    5/18/2018: 438.1 million barrels 

    up5.8 million barrels from week earlier
    down78.2 million barrels from year earlier

    Weekly coal production

    5/12/2018: 14.278 million tons

    up0.710 million tons from week earlier
    up0.995 million tons from year earlier