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This is an image of the project blue sky with the tag line: building a next-generation energy systems model.

Project BlueSky

Project BlueSky is a new EIA initiative to develop our next generation energy systems model, which will eventually be used to produce the Annual Energy Outlook (AEO) and International Energy Outlook (IEO). The new model will be designed to address the complexity and interconnectivity of the modern world and the uncertainty associated with markets, technologies, and international trade.

Because the energy system is moving at a faster rate than available data, the next generation model will account for future uncertainty in our long-term projections. It will also be nimble so that it can be updated quickly and flexible to handle rapid changes and emerging issues. Our next generation model will be made open source and accessible to the public. By releasing the model with an open-source license, our modeling work will be more transparent and collaborative.

Project BlueSky is unrelated to the updates that are currently underway in the National Energy Modeling System (NEMS), which are necessary for the AEO2025. Project BlueSky is a parallel long-term effort.

What's next?

  • We plan to engage a diverse group of stakeholders via focus groups, webinars, and individual conversations to socialize Project BlueSky goals and attain input and feedback as the initial stage of this initiative gets underway.
  • In 2024, we will build a basic prototype with the goal of releasing it publicly via GitHub with an open-source license by December 2024.
  • Based on stakeholder feedback on the prototype, we will undertake a full-scale model development effort beginning in 2025.

Watch the videos to learn more about this initiative. You can also review the slides from the November 15, 2023 public webinar. Email us at NextGenerationModel@eia.gov with questions or feedback.

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Project BlueSky Announcement Project BlueSky–Building a Next-Generation Energy Systems Model Project BlueSky–Public Webinar
This is an image of the Project Blue Sky announcement video. This is an image of the Project Blue Sky video. This is an image of the Project Blue Sky webinar.

Last updated: November 2023