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2021 Congressional Testimony

EIA's view on Domestic and International Energy Price Trends pdf
Subject:EIA, forecasts, energy markets
Presented by:Stephen Nalley, Deputy Administrator
Presented to: U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
Washington, DC—November 16, 2021

EIA status update—07/05/2022

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Energy production declined by record amounts in several states in 2020

annual change in primary energy production
Data source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, State Energy Data System

In 2020, energy production in the United States fell by record amounts compared with 2019, mostly as a result of decreased economic activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wyoming had the largest drop in total energy production among the states, decreasing by 1,264 trillion British thermal units, mostly due to decreased coal production. Seven states saw their largest annual energy production decline in at least 60 years, as reported in our State Energy Data System.

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