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Analysis & Projections

AEO Working Groups

Purpose of working groups

The Annual Energy Outlook (AEO), prepared by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), presents long-term projections of energy supply, demand, and prices, based on results from EIA's National Energy Modeling System. In developing the AEO, EIA conducts a series of working group meetings to ask for stakeholder input from various sectors of the industry. EIA also conducts meetings focused on specialized topics as needed.

EIA groups are currently planning their working groups for AEO2021, and the table below will be updated with specific dates when those have been scheduled.

If you are interested in attending these meetings over WebEx, email AnnualEnergyOutlook@eia.gov, and indicate your area of interest.

Working Groups

  First meeting schedule   Second meeting schedule  
Coal Summer 2020 Fall 2020
Electricity Summer 2020 Fall 2020
Industrial Summer 2020  
Macroeconomic Summer 2020    
Nuclear   Fall 2020
Natural Gas Markets Summer 2020  
Oil and Gas Supply & Liquid Fuels Markets Summer 2020  
Residential/ Commercial Buildings Summer 2020 Fall 2020
Renewables Summer 2020 Fall 2020
Transportation Summer 2020  


The information available from this web page is presented to stimulate discussion and collect feedback across sectors of industry on issues relating to long-term projections of energy supply, demand, and prices. It does not represent the opinions or official position of EIA, the U.S. Department of Energy, or the Federal Government.