Table 10.5. Demand-Side Management Program Direct and Indirect Costs,
2009 through 2012 (Thousand Dollars) (Table Discontinued)

Year Energy Efficiency Load Management Direct Cost Indirect Cost Total Cost
2009 2,221,480 944,261 3,165,741 394,193 3,607,076
2010 2,906,906 1,048,356 3,955,262 275,158 4,230,420
2011 4,002,672 1,213,102 5,215,774 328,622 5,544,396
2012 4,397,635 1,270,391 5,668,026 332,440 6,000,466

2012 was the last year this data was collected.
Direct Costs reflect electric utility costs incurred during the year that are identified with Energy Efficiency and Load Management. Total Costs are the sum of Direct and Indirect Costs.
Previously, this table included only large respondents. Now it includes large and small respondents, combined.
For the total cost data, prior to 2010, both large and small respondents reported total costs, however small respondents did not break out the costs into direct and indirect. The direct and indirect costs were reported for large respondents only. Therefore, prior to 2010 the total cost does not equal the sum of the direct and indirect costs.
Totals may not equal sum of components because of independent rounding.
Non-Utility DSM Administrators are included in the 2011 data. See technical notes for list.
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Form EIA-861, "Annual Electric Power Industry Report."