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Survey-Level Detailed Data Files

The electric power data collected by EIA surveys are, for the most part, not proprietary and are available in these files at the level of plants, generators, and companies. Examples of the available data include generation by plant and prime mover for each fuel consumed; retail sales by sector, seller and state; and the quality and volumes of fossil fuels delivered to power plants. Aggregated data tables and graphical displays are available through the Electricity Data Browser, Electric Power Monthly, and the Electric Power Annual. In addition, the Electricity Monthly Update provides an overview of power market trends using EIA and other data.
Description Data availability
State-level data (consolidated across forms)
Contains electricity generation; fuel consumption; emissions; retail sales, revenue, number of customers, and retail prices; generating capacity; and financial data.
annual and monthly
annual: 1990–2022
monthly: 1990–present

Electric power sales and revenue data—monthly (Form EIA-861M [formerly EIA-826])
Retail sales of electricity and associated revenue by end-use sector, green pricing, net metering, State, and reporting month.

monthly: 1990–present
Electric power sales, revenue and energy efficiency data—annual (Form EIA-861)
Electricity sales, revenues, and customer counts, peak load, electric purchases, and energy efficiency and demand-side management programs, green pricing and net metering programs, and distributed generation capacity.

annual: 1990–2022
Electric generator capacity data—annual (Form EIA-860)
Electric utility and non-utility generator-specific plant data, including in-service date, prime movers, generating capacity, energy sources, existing and proposed generators, county and state location, ownership, and FERC qualifying facility status.

annual: 1990–2022
Electric generator capacity data—monthly (Form EIA-860M)
Preliminary generator-specific data, including in-service date, prime movers, generating capacity, energy sources, and reporting entity.

latest month
Power plant operating data (Form EIA-923 with predecessor Forms EIA-920, 906, 423 and FERC-423)
Contains data on electricity generation, fuel consumption, useful thermal output, fossil fuel stocks, fuel deliveries, quantity delivered, supplier, coal mine type, Btu, sulfur, and ash content, and receipts at the power plant and prime mover level. Includes operating data for combined heat and power plants.

annual and monthly
annual: 1970–2022
monthly: 1970–present
Power plant environmental data (collected on various forms)
2007–current: Plant configuration and environmental control system characteristics (Form EIA-860 - see above)
Equipment operations (Form EIA-923 - see above)
2013–18:Emissions by plant and by region
2014–18:Thermoelectric cooling water data
2006: no data collected
1996–2005: Characteristics and operations of environmental control equipment at power plants, and related data such as
boiler configuration data (Form EIA-767 discontinued - see below).

Retired forms/data no longer collected  
Bulk power system characteristics and reliability data (Form EIA-411)
Existing and planned generating capacity and demand and proposed transmission line data by NERC region, including monthly peak hour demand, net energy for load, net internal demand, planned capacity resources, and transmission line planned additions (projections, only).

Steam-electric plant operation and design data (Form EIA-767)
Plant operations and equipment design information, including boilers, generators, cooling systems, flue gas desulfurizations, flue gas particulate collectors, and stacks. Data now collected on Forms 923 and 860
Electric industry financial report data (Form EIA-412)
Utility data from municipal and public authorities, including income statements, balance sheets, sales and purchases, and transmission lines data. For similar data from investor owned utilities, refer to FERC Form 1 (https://www.ferc.gov/industries-data/electric/general-information/electric-industry-forms/form-1-electric-utility-annual).