Preliminary Monthly Electric Generator Inventory (based on Form EIA-860M as a supplement to Form EIA-860)

Release Date: March 24, 2017
Next Release Date: April 2017

The monthly survey Form EIA-860M, ‘Monthly Update to Annual Electric Generator Report’ supplements the annual survey form EIA-860 data with monthly information that monitors the current status of existing and proposed generating units at electric power plants with 1 megawatt or greater of combined nameplate capacity. EIA estimates the current and near-term unit inventory of electric power generating capacity by integrating the information on these surveys along with ongoing EIA research of new units. However, creating this monthly estimate sometimes requires the use of data submitted on the annual EIA-860 before it has been fully verified by EIA. For this reason, reported capacities are EIA’s preliminary estimates of capacity for that month. Estimates will be corrected without specific acknowledgement or explanation in subsequent month’s inventory.

Capacities reported in this preliminary inventory are best estimates of current generating capacity, but are not meant to be capacity commitments by the associated facilities.

The final inventory of generators is published each year with the annual EIA-860.

EIA 860M format
January 2017 XLS
December 2016 XLS
November 2016 XLS
October 2016 XLS
September 2016 XLS
August 2016 XLS
July 2016 XLS
June 2016 XLS
May 2016 XLS
April 2016 XLS
March 2016 XLS
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December 2015 XLS
November 2015 XLS
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