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Form EIA-767 historical data files

Annual steam-electric plant operation and design data

Historical data files contain annual data from organic-fueled or combustible renewable steam-electric plants with a generator nameplate rating of 10 or more megawatts. The data are derived from the Form EIA-767 "Steam-Electric Plant Operation and Design Report." The files contains data on plant operations and equipment design (including boilers, generators, cooling systems, flue gas desulfurizations, flue gas particulate collectors, and stacks). Beginning in the data year 2001, nuclear plant data were no longer collected by the survey.

In 2005, the Form EIA-767 was terminated and did not collect data for 2006. Beginning with calendar year 2007, two other surveys, the Form EIA-860 and the Form EIA-923, now collect most of the data formerly collected on the Form EIA-767.

Each yearly file consists of 14 .xls spreadsheets including the user guide.

Historical form information and instructions can be found: http://www.eia.gov/survey/#eia-767


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