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What's happening with electric power forms?
    In 2008 EIA is consolidating 6 data collection forms into 2 forms.
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Why is that a good thing?
    •   For Electricity Generators:  This reduces the number of forms to submit. (Re-registering is not required!)
    •   For EIA and Taxpayers:  This streamlines the collection process for better efficiency.
    •   For Everyone:  This enables us to provide additional information about the electric power industry.
figure showing what electricity forms merge into the new forms Click for more information on the New EIA-860 Click for more information on the New EIA-923
Resources to help you with the changes
     Printable Forms & Instructions                      923          860
     Summary of New/Deleted Data Elements       923          860
     Crosswalk of Old and New Forms                  923          860
     Answers to Anticipated Questions                 923          860
     Contacts                                                     923          860