Table 9.4. Average Costs of Existing Flue Gas Desulfurization Units
Operating in Electric Power Sector, 2012 - 2022

Year Average Operation and Maintenance Costs
(Dollars per Megawatthour)
Average Installed Capital Costs
(Dollars per Kilowatt)
2012 1.87 266.40
2013 1.74 255.86
2014 1.84 186.45
2015 2.03 157.83
2016 1.96 303.32
2017 2.15 242.88
2018 2.08 --
2019 2.11 452.20
2020 2.21 --
2021 2.14 --
2022 2.36 108.15

Notes: Average Installed Capital Costs reflect units which began operating in the specified year. Prior publications of this table reported the average installation cost of all units that were operating during each year; the new metric is intended to portray a more accurate understanding of how installation costs have changed over time.

Years in which no new Flue Gas Desulfurization units were installed a '--' is indicated in the Average Installed Capital Cost column.

Average Operation and Maintenance Costs are based on all units in operation during the specified year regardless of installation year.

Commercial and industrial facilities had significantly different costs than units used in the electric power sector. In order to give a more accurate reflection of the electric power sector, commercial and industrial facilities have been excluded from this publication table; prior publications of this table included commercial and industrial facilities when calculating average costs.

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