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  • The U.S. Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority plans to increase propane use at its electric generating facilities to reduce its imported fuel costs and CO2 emissions.
  • The average price of electricity paid by U.S. Virgin Island consumers is typically about three times higher than the average power price in the 50 U.S. states.
  • The USVI has a goal to reduce its petroleum use by 60% from nearly 2.5 million barrels per year in 2008 to less than 1 million barrels per year by 2025.
  • During the September 2017 hurricanes, 80% to 90% of the U.S. Virgin Islands' transmission and distribution systems were damaged or destroyed.
  • The USVI Legislature requires renewable energy sources to fuel 30% of USVI's peak demand electric generating capacity by 2025;  about 20% of the island's generation capacity is  already derived from solar.

Last Updated: October 18, 2018

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