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  • The Antrim Gas Field in Michigan's Lower Peninsula is one of the nation's top 100 natural gas fields and, in 2015, more than 90 billion cubic feet of natural gas was produced from Michigan's Antrim Shale.
  • In 2015, Michigan had more underground natural gas storage capacity – almost 1.1 trillion cubic feet – than any other state in the nation.
  • In 2016, coal-fired power plants provided 36% of Michigan's electricity generation; 2 years earlier, they had provided 50% of the state's electricity.
  • In 2016, Michigan’s three nuclear power plants, with four reactor units, provided 28% of the state's net electricity generation.
  • Biomass energy from landfill gas, municipal solid waste, and wood and wood waste fueled 34% of Michigan's nonhydroelectric renewable net electricity generation in 2016.

Last Updated: May 18, 2017

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