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  • Geologists believe there may be large crude oil and natural gas deposits in the federal Outer Continental Shelf off of Florida’s western coast. 
  • Florida was second only to Texas in 2015 in net electricity generation, and third in the nation in electricity consumption, behind Texas and California.
  • Renewable energy accounted for 2.3% of Florida’s total net electricity generation in 2015. Nearly nine-tenths of that renewable power came from biomass.
  • Five-sixths of the natural gas consumed in Florida is used to generate electricity, and natural gas fuels nearly two-thirds of Florida's net electricity generation.
  • Florida's Martin generating station is the only concentrating solar thermal plant east of the Rocky Mountains and produced one-fourth of the state's net solar generation in 2015.

Last Updated: August 18, 2016

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Florida, U.S. Rankings

Total Energy per Capita 47
Total Energy per Capita 51
Total Energy 30
Crude Oil 24
Natural Gas 28
Coal --
Electricity 3
Natural Gas 2
Electricity 30
Carbon Dioxide Emissions 6

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