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  • American Samoa is nearly 100% dependent on imported fossil fuels, including diesel fuel for electric power generation.  
  • Electricity prices in American Samoa vary with world petroleum prices; in early 2016, they were 2.5 times the U.S. average, and comparable to Hawaii's rates.
  • A significant amount of American Samoa's electricity is used to pump and treat drinking water.
  • In 2015, American Samoa Power Authority obtained 2.4% of its electricity from solar, including a 1.75-megawatt utility facility and more than 700 kilowatts of customer-owned solar panels. Two solar arrays totaling 1.2 megawatts are under construction.
  • The American Samoa Power Authority has identified sites with wind power potential on Tutuila and is constructing its first two 100-kilowatt wind turbines.

Last Updated: May 19, 2016

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