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  • In 2015, North Dakota was the second largest crude oil-producing state in the nation and accounted for 12.5% of total U.S. crude oil production, including oil produced in federal offshore areas.
  • In 2015, North Dakota had 5.3% of the nation’s recoverable coal reserves at producing mines and accounted for 3.2% of U.S. coal production. 
  • North Dakota’s total energy consumption is among the lowest in the nation as a result of its small population, but the state’s consumption per capita ranks among the highest, in part because of the energy-intensive industrial sector and high heating demand in winter. 
  • In 2016, about 71% of North Dakota's net electricity generation came from coal, 21.5% came from wind energy, and about 5% came from conventional hydroelectric power.
  • North Dakota has abundant wind resources and ranked 9th in the nation in wind energy potential,10th in utility-scale generation, and 11th in installed capacity in 2016.

Last Updated: March 16, 2017

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