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  • In 2017, North Dakota ranked second in the nation, after Texas, in both crude oil production and proved crude oil reserves.
  • North Dakota has about 2% of U.S. natural gas reserves, and in 2018 the state's natural gas output exceeded a record 850 billion cubic feet.
  • In 2017, North Dakota was among the 10 top coal-producing states and accounted for nearly 4% of total U.S. coal output.
  • In 2018, coal-fired power plants provided  66% of North Dakota’s electricity generation and wind energy accounted for 26%, which was the fourth-highest share of wind power for any state.
  • North Dakota is one of the top 10 ethanol-producing states, and its five ethanol plants provide about 3% of the nation’s fuel ethanol.

Last Updated: March 21, 2019

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