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Current Issues & Trends

Past Issues & Trends

EIA’s newly designed coal web pages provide easier access to coal data December 18, 2015


China and India drive recent changes in world coal trade November 20, 2015


Nationwide, electricity generation from coal falls while natural gas rises October 7, 2015

dailyelectricitygenerationnatural gas

Coal mine starts continue to decline September 23, 2015


Coal use in China is slowing September 17, 2015


Recent statistical revisions suggest higher historical coal consumption in China September 16, 2015


Output per miner-hour rises as smaller coal mines close September 3, 2015


India’s coal industry in flux as government sets ambitious coal production targets August 25, 2015


Coal, nuclear, and renewables expected to boost Vietnam’s electricity capacity August 3, 2015

dailyelectricityinternationalnatural gasnuclearrenewables

Electricity from natural gas surpasses coal for first time, but just for one month July 31, 2015

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)dailyelectricitygenerationnatural gas

Coal production using mountaintop removal mining decreases by 62% since 2008 July 7, 2015

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)West Virginiadailyminingproduction/supplystates

Fossil fuels have made up at least 80% of U.S. fuel mix since 1900 July 2, 2015

United Statesconsumption/demanddailyelectricityexports/importshydroelectricliquid fuelsnatural gasnuclearoil/petroleumrenewableswood

EIA celebrates 20 years on the Internet June 30, 2015

dailytotal energy

Proposed Clean Power Plan rule would reduce coal production, especially in the West June 10, 2015

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)dailyproduction/supply

EIA launches redesigned International Energy Portal May 21, 2015

internationalnatural gasrenewablesweekly

EIA launches redesigned International Energy Portal May 19, 2015

dailyinternationalliquid fuelsnatural gasoil/petroleumrenewables

Nonpetroleum share of transportation energy at highest level since 1954 May 18, 2015

alternative fuelsbiofuelsbiomassconsumption/demanddailyelectricityexports/importsliquid fuelsnatural gasoil/petroleumtransportation

Power generation from coal and natural gas expected to temporarily converge this spring May 14, 2015

STEO (Short-Term Energy Outlook)dailyelectricityhydroelectricnatural gasnuclearrenewables

Natural gas, renewables projected to provide larger shares of electricity generation May 4, 2015

dailyelectricityexports/importsliquid fuelsnatural gasnuclearoil/petroleumrenewables

Energy resource permanent funds vary by purpose and state April 30, 2015

AlaskaLouisianaNorth DakotaWyomingcrude oildailynatural gasstatestaxes

EIA's Annual Energy Outlook will be released later today April 14, 2015


EIA launches new data add-in tool for Microsoft Excel for Windows March 18, 2015

dailytotal energy

Total energy subsidies decline since 2010, with changes in support across fuel types March 13, 2015

biofuelsdailyelectricityliquid fuelsnatural gasnuclearoil/petroleumrenewablessolarwind

Scheduled 2015 capacity additions mostly wind and natural gas; retirements mostly coal March 10, 2015

capacitydailyelectricitygenerating capacitynatural gasnuclearrenewablesretirementssolarwind

Wholesale power prices increase across the country in 2014 January 12, 2015

New EnglandNew Yorkdailyelectricityinventories/stocksnatural gasprices

Power sector employment declines, except for renewable electricity generators December 19, 2014


Rail shipments of oil and petroleum products through October up 13% over year-ago period November 13, 2014

HGL (hydrocarbon gas liquid)biofuelscrude oildailyelectricityliquid fuelsoil/petroleumpropanerail

Coal stockpiles at coal-fired power plants smaller than in recent years November 6, 2014

dailyelectricityinventories/stockspower plantsrailtransportation

U.S. coal exports fall on lower European demand, increased global supply October 3, 2014


India is increasingly dependent on imported fossil fuels as demand continues to rise August 14, 2014

CAB (Country Analysis Brief)Indiadailyexports/importsinternationalliquid fuelsnatural gasoil/petroleum

Steam coal imports remain down sharply from historic high in 2007 August 13, 2014

dailyelectricityelectricity generating fuel mixexports/importsgenerating capacitygenerationretirements

Wyoming, Gulf of Mexico dominate fossil fuels production on federal and Indian lands July 8, 2014

North DakotaWyomingcrude oildailynatural gasproduction/supplystates

Production of fossil fuels from federal and Indian lands fell in 2013 July 7, 2014

crude oildailynatural gasoil/petroleumproduction/supplyreserves

Railroad deliveries continue to provide the majority of coal shipments to the power sector June 11, 2014

consumption/demanddailyelectric generationelectricityexports/importsgenerationinventories/stocksmarine transportationrail

Power sector CO2 emissions sensitive to policy changes and natural gas supply June 9, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014CO2 (carbon dioxide)dailyelectric generationelectricity generating fuel mixemissionsenvironmentforecasts/projectionsnatural gas

Recent trends in energy-related CO2 emissions vary across regions and states June 3, 2014

CO2 (carbon dioxide)ConnecticutEPA (Environmental Protection Agency)MassachusettsNew YorkVermontWest VirginiaWyomingdailyelectricityenvironmentstates

China produces and consumes almost as much coal as the rest of the world combined May 14, 2014


Lower U.S. electricity demand growth would reduce fossil fuels’ projected generation share April 30, 2014

AEO (Annual Energy Outlook)AEO2014CO2 (carbon dioxide)dailygenerationnatural gasnuclearrenewablessolar

Projected CO2 emissions vary with coal and nuclear power plant retirements April 28, 2014

CO2 (carbon dioxide)dailyelectricityemissionsgenerationnatural gasnuclear

Power plant coal stockpiles are expected to rebuild after heavy winter drawdown April 24, 2014


Planned coal-fired power plant retirements continue to increase March 20, 2014

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)dailyforecasts/projectionsgenerationretirements

State Energy Profiles enhanced and renewables sections added December 19, 2013

alternative fuelsbiomassdailyelectricityexports/importsgeothermalhydroelectricnatural gasoil/petroleumproduction/supplyrenewablessolarstatestotal energywind

Electricity in the Mid-Atlantic region is predominantly fueled by coal and nuclear sources November 18, 0213

Mid-Atlanticdailyelectricityelectricity generating fuel mixgenerationnatural gasprices

EIA projects world energy consumption will increase 56% by 2040 July 25, 2013

IEO (International Energy Outlook)dailyemissionsforecasts/projectionsinternationalrenewables

Energy sources have changed throughout the history of the United States July 3, 2013

United Statesconsumption/demanddailyelectricityexports/importshydroelectricliquid fuelsnatural gasnuclearoil/petroleumrenewableswood