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Quick Facts

  • Iowa is the nation's largest fuel ethanol and biodiesel producer, and it accounts for about one-fourth of U.S. fuel ethanol production capacity and almost one-fifth of biodiesel production capacity.
  • In 2021, wind turbines generated 58% of Iowa's electricity, the highest wind power share for any state.
  • Iowa is among the top 10 states in electricity sales per capita, and about one in four Iowa households rely on electricity for home heating.
  • Iowa's industrial sector, which includes agriculture and biofuels production, ranks among the top 10 states in industrial sector total energy consumption.
  • Iowa is the fourth-largest consumer of hydrocarbon gas liquids, mostly propane--which is used for drying the state's large harvested corn crop and for heating one in eight Iowa households.

Last Updated: July 21, 2022

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