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State Profile and Energy Estimates

Changes to the State Energy Data System (SEDS) Notice: In October 2023, we updated the way we calculate primary energy consumption of electricity generation from noncombustible renewable energy sources (solar, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal). Visit our Changes to 1960—2022 conversion factor for renewable energy page to learn more.

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Quick Facts

  • Nebraska produces more than 13% of the nation's fuel ethanol and ranks second in the nation, after Iowa, in ethanol production and capacity.
  • In 2022, Nebraska obtained 49% of its total in-state electricity net generation from coal, 31% from wind, and 14% from nuclear power. Almost all of the rest was generated from natural gas (3%) and hydropower (3%).
  • Nebraska ranks sixth in the nation in per capita total energy consumption in part because of its small population, energy-intensive industrial sector, and because of the state’s hot summers and harsh winters.
  • In 2022, Nebraska ranked third in the nation, after Texas and California, in its number of industrial electricity customers. About 39% of electricity retail sales in the state went to the industrial sector, which includes agriculture, where electricity is used to run irrigation systems.
  • A larger share of the petroleum used in Nebraska is consumed as distillate fuel oil than in all other states except Wyoming and North Dakota.

Last Updated: July 20, 2023

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