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  • CABS (country analysis briefs)
  • California
  • Cambodia country data
  • Cameroon country data
  • Canada
  • Capacity, electric (U.S. & State)
  • Capacity additions - planned
  • Capacity retirements - planned
  • Capacity factor - fossil fuel plants
  • Capacity factor - nonfossil fuel plants
  • Capacity margin, net internal demand, and capacity resources, electricity (U.S. & NERC Region)
  • Capacity utilization of coal mines (U.S., coal region, & state)
  • Capacity utilization, refinery
  • Capital Cost Estimates for Utility Scale Electricity Generating Plants (report)
  • Cape Verde country data
  • Capital costs, electricity
  •  Carbon dioxide emissions (U.S., Census division, & international)
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Careers (with the Energy Information Administration)
  • Cars
  • Caspian Sea energy analysis brief
  • Cayman Islands country data
  • CBECS (see Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey)
  • Census regions and divisions map
  • Central African Republic country data
  • Central air conditioning (see Air conditioning)
  • Chad
  • Chile
  • China
  • Chokepoints, World Oil Transit
  • CHP (See Combined heat and power section)
  •  Citygate price (Natural Gas)
  • Clean coal technology
  • Climate Change
  • Clothes dryer, number of households with
  • Clothes washer, number of households with
  •  CNG Vehicles
  •  CO2 (see Carbon dioxide emissions)
  • Coal

  •  Coke - (latest quarterly data; includes U.S., Census division, and country)
  •  Coke plant consumption of coal (U.S., Census division, & state)
  • Colombia
  • Colorado
  • Combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) (# of buildings, energy use, survey forms, survey methodology; U.S. & Census region & division)
  • Commercial Buildings Energy Use (Energy Explained)
  •  Commercial energy use (U.S., Census division, & state)
  • Commercial electricity use/consumption (see Electric retail sales)
  • Comoros country data
  • Company level electricity sales, revenue, prices, number of customers
  • Company level imports (petroleum)
  • Company level natural gas consumption, prices, number of customers
  • Compressed natural gas (see CNG)
  • Compressor stations
  • Computers (pc), home
  • Conference, EIA Energy
  • Congressional reports (responses to congressional and other analytical requests)
  • Congressional testimony
  • Congo (Brazzaville)
  • Congo (Kinshasa) country data
  • Connecticut
  • Construction cost data for electric generators
  • Consumption of Coal, All Uses (see Coal Consumption)
  •  Consumption of coal for electricity generation (U.S., Census division, & state)
  • Consumption of electricity (see Electric retail sales)
  •  Consumption of energy (U.S. & international)
  •  Consumption of natural gas
  •  Consumption of natural gas for electricity generation (U.S., Census division, & state)
  •  Consumption of Petroleum (Petroleum Products Supplied; includes U.S. & International)
  •  Consumption of petroleum (oil) for electricity generation (U.S., Census division, & state)
  •  Consumption of renewable energy
  •  Conventional gasoline
  •  Conversion factors
  • Cook Islands country data
  • Cooling degree-days (U.S. & Census division)
  • Copyright and reuse information about EIA Information Products
  •  Cost (retail price; includes U.S., Census division, & state)
  •  Cost of fuel for the electric power industry (U.S. & state)
  • Cost, electric generating technologies
  • Cost of new generation resources, levelized
  •  Cost of oil imports
  • Costa Rica country data
  • Country analysis briefs
  • Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) country data
  • Croatia country data
  •  Crude oil (U.S., state, & international)
  • Cuba
  • Customers, electricity (see Electricity consumers (customers), number of)
  • Customer Choice Programs, Natural Gas (Energy Explained)
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic country data

  • Glossary

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