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Short-Term Energy Outlook

Release Date: Sep. 12, 2023  |  Forecast Completed: Sep. 7, 2023  |  Next Release Date: Oct. 11, 2023  |  Full Report    |   Text Only   |   All Tables   |   All Figures

Short-Term Energy Outlook Contacts

Tim Hess timothy.hess@eia.gov  
Ornella Kaze ornella.kaze@eia.gov  
Crude oil prices
Sean Hill sean.hill@eia.gov  
Global oil production
Lejla Villar lejla.villar@eia.gov  
Global oil consumption
Jeff Barron jeffrey.barron@eia.gov  
U.S. crude oil and natural gas production
Naser Ameen naser.ameen@eia.gov  
U.S. petroleum consumption/stocks/trade
Matt French matthew.french@eia.gov  
Hydrocarbon gas liquids
Joshua Eiermann joshua.eiermann@eia.gov  
Refining and petroleum product prices
Kevin Hack kevin.hack@eia.gov  
Jimmy Troderman james.troderman@eia.gov  
Natural gas
Corrina Ricker corrina.ricker@eia.gov  
Lori Aniti lori.aniti@eia.gov  
Tyler Hodge tyler.hodge@eia.gov  
Renewables (wind and solar)
Katherine Antonio katherine.antonio@eia.gov  
Hydropower and Nuclear energy
Lindsay Aramayo lindsay.aramayo@eia.gov  
Kevin Nakolan kevin.nakolan@eia.gov  
Macroeconomic forecasts
Bill Walsh william.walsh@eia.gov  
Owen Comstock owen.comstock@eia.gov