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About EIA

Products, Services, and Tools

What products and services does EIA have?

EIA has a lot of energy information. The information is disseminated in different ways, including reports, web products, press releases, data browsers, the API, and maps. EIA’s information is issued daily, weekly, monthly, annually, and periodically as needed or as requested. Some of EIA’s products deal with specific energy industries or fuels. Some products contain mostly data, and some products also have analysis and forecasts. Other products present an integrated view of different fuels or energy uses.

The list below is a sample of EIA's varied products. For a more complete listing, see EIA's Reports and Products page and EIA’s Guide for Stakeholders.

Daily Product

Weekly Products

Monthly Products

Quarterly Products

Annual Products

Other Products, Tools, and Services

Special Analyses (examples)

EIA's Information Center also responds to customer inquiries by email at InfoCtr@eia.gov, with an average response time of three business days.

Who uses EIA's products?

EIA's data and analyses are widely used by federal and state agencies, business & industry, media, researchers, consumers, financial, international, students, and educators. All of EIA’s products can be accessed through its website, www.eia.gov, which averages approximately 2 million visits per month. EIA also distributes information and data on specific topics through 41 email subscription lists, 11 RSS feeds, and through more than 1 million data series in our API.
  • The nation’s leaders rely on EIA for timely and comprehensive information to formulate energy policy and programs.
  • Business, industry, and academia look to EIA for official estimates on energy demand, supply, prices, markets, and financial indicators.
  • Media and the general public rely on EIA for the most comprehensive source of current and historical data and information on all aspects of U.S. energy.
  • The international community relies on EIA’s products for timely information on world energy supply and demand.
  • Educators and students at all levels turn to the EIA Kid’s Page (www.eia.gov/kids/) for a wealth of energy-related information and activities.