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Budget and Performance

EIA receives funding for its activities with an annual appropriation from Congress. EIA's budget request falls under the purview of the House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittees on Energy and Water Development.

The fiscal year (FY) 2018 budget provides $125 million for EIA, a $3 million increase from the FY 2017 level. The FY 2018 funding enables EIA to continue its energy statistics, analysis, and forecasting programs that provide a wide portfolio of information products, including many that policy makers, industry, market participants, and the public at large rely on.

Recent budgets have enabled EIA to deliver information that has increased public understanding of a dynamic energy landscape. For example, EIA has expanded its data on crude oil and natural gas production to keep pace with the significant increase in domestic energy production. EIA has developed timely data and analysis of regional energy markets and increased its coverage of renewable resources like distributed solar generation. EIA has also provided new insights into the operations of the electricity sector through near real-time data collected from the balancing authorities that manage the U.S. electrical grid.

The FY 2018 budget will enable EIA to maintain its current program and explore new ways of covering the rapidly changing energy sector, including efforts to increase the depth and availability of electric power information to provide a more complete picture of this complex industry. For example, EIA will begin publishing electricity information for Puerto Rico and will work with the utility there to collect additional information on fuels used to generate electricity. EIA will also work to improve its forecast and projection models by implementing best practices learned through outreach efforts with key stakeholders. Further, EIA will examine innovative new approaches for collecting and disseminating energy consumption and efficiency data, including options for collecting more granular data that would benefit both industry and consumers. The agency will also continue to improve its information management capabilities by modernizing and integrating its data processing systems.

See EIA's detailed FY 2019 budget requests to Congress.

Performance Measures
Recognizing the importance of maintaining a performance-based culture, EIA routinely conducts strategic planning exercises and agency-wide program reviews to establish priorities and monitor progress toward their achievement. In addition, EIA has two principal measures that it reports on annually to assess overall agency performance. These measures are included in EIA's annual Congressional budget request as well as in Department reports, such as the Annual Performance Report.

  • Information Quality: A consistently high customer satisfaction rating reflects EIA's ability to provide stakeholders with information that supports a productive national dialogue on a wide range of energy issues. To this end, EIA has conducted at least one comprehensive web customer satisfaction survey each year since the mid-1990s to collect a range of information from users, including customer type, frequency of website use, purpose of visit to the site, user perceptions of EIA, and an overall assessment of customer satisfaction with the quality of EIA's information. EIA consistently meets its target of more than 90% of customers being satisfied or very satisfied with the information available on its website.
  • Meeting Scheduled Release Dates: Timely delivery of EIA's statistics and analyses ensures that EIA's customers have reliable access to information used in a wide range of energy-related decisions. EIA therefore tracks scheduled and actual release dates for an extensive list of web-based products that span the energy sector and represent a range of periodicity, including weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, and multi-year release cycles. EIA has a consistent record of meeting or exceeding its 95% target for on-schedule release of these products.

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Last updated: May 2018