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About EIA

EIA Offices

Office of Resources and Technology Management

The Office of Resources and Technology Management provides leadership and direction to oversee extensive administrative services for federal staff and contractor support, agency-wide information technology governance, policy and operations, integrated planning, budget, acquisition, program evaluation and project management activities, and comprehensive stakeholder and communications services for a diverse external and internal customer base. This office also serves as the agency’s point of contact for a variety of departmental and external inquires, and it oversees plans and procedures for EIA’s continuity of operations in case of an emergency.

Office of Energy Statistics

The Office of Energy Statistics provides leadership and direction to EIA’s comprehensive energy supply and demand data collection program covering a wide-range of information sources to support the analysis and dissemination of relevant, reliable, and timely information through a full range of publicly available data and reports. These reports communicate the performance of U.S. energy companies and energy markets, as well as provide energy information to support analyses of public policy issues, including requests from Congress and the Executive Branch. This office oversees planning and implementation of statistical aspects of continuity of operations, including documentation of business processes and data integrity.

Office of Energy Analysis

The Office of Energy Analysis analyzes energy supply, demand, and prices including the impact of financial markets on energy markets; prepares reports on current and future energy use; analyzes the impact of energy policies; and develops advanced techniques for conducting energy information analyses. This office also oversees the planning and execution of EIA's analysis and forecasting programs to ensure that EIA models, analyses, and projections meet the highest standards of relevance, reliability, and timeliness.