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EIA has resumed its regular data publication schedule, but intermittent disruptions to data availability via dashboards, tools, and data browsers on our website will continue as we complete our planned system upgrades.

About EIA

The EIA Writing Style Guide

EIA created the EIA Writing Style Guide to help our writers produce consistent, accurate, and readable content. The style guide provides guidance on style issues—including capitalization, punctuation, word usage, and tone—most relevant to EIA writing.

This style guide is not a book of hard-and-fast grammar rules; it is guidance on clear communication and EIA-specific style choices. Unlike grammar, which follows universal rules, style choices include topics such as how and when to write out numbers, when to use the serial comma, or when to use ending punctuation for bullets.

Following uniform style preferences enhances credibility and shows users that EIA has high-quality standards for both our words and our numbers.

EIA published the most recent edition of the EIA Writing Style Guide in March 2021.