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EIA's 2015 Writing Style Guide

This Guide helps EIA writers produce consistent, correct, and readable web content. It provides guidance on style issues — including capitalization, punctuation, word usage, and tone — most relevant to EIA writing.

See a one-page Quick Tips page that covers most of the major rules and style choices.

The Guide addresses some issues that are particular to web writing, such as writing effective hypertext links, but most advice applies to all writing.

This is a style guide, not a rule book. Unlike grammar that has specific rules that cannot be broken, many style issues are preferences. Writers and editors may differ. The Style Guide provides guidance on style issues so that the content of our website has uniformity that conveys professionalism.

Style consistency enhances our credibility. Inconsistencies in style or misused words might cause users to question the accuracy of our data. Using a uniform style throughout our website tells users that EIA has high quality standards for our content and our data.

The Guide is available here and on our employee intranet. Changes and additions of new topics and examples are made when needed to improve the coverage and clarity.