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Annual Energy Outlook 2018

Full Release Date: February 6, 2018   |  Next Release Date:  January 2019   |  full report

Issues in Focus

Oil and Natural Gas Resources and Technology

Release Date: 3/26/2018

Future growth in U.S. crude oil and natural gas production is projected to be driven by the development of tight oil and shale gas resources. However, a great deal of uncertainty surrounds this result. In particular, future domestic tight oil and shale gas production depends on the quality of the resources, the evolution of technological and operational improvements to increase productivity per well and to reduce costs, and the market prices determined in a diverse market of producers and consumers, all of which are highly uncertain. This article provides background on the analysis of the estimated ultimate recovery per well (EUR), a key assumption underlying the projections, and it provides a detailed discussion of the sensitivity of results across Annual Energy Outlook 2018 (AEO2018) cases.



The "Issues in focus" section of the Annual Energy Outlook (AEO) provides in-depth discussions on topics of special significance, including changes in assumptions and recent developments in technologies for energy production and consumption.