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Forecasting & Analysis

Short-Term (STEO) Energy Forecast Experts
Long-Term (AEO) Energy Forecast Experts
International (IEO) Energy Forecast Experts
Renewable Energy Forecast Experts

Long-Term (AEO) Analysis and Forecasting Experts

Fax: (202) 586-3045

Annual Energy Outlook
General questions/executive summary AnnualEnergyOutlook@eia.gov
National energy modeling system NEMSModel@eia.gov
Carbon dioxide emissions
Perry Lindstrom 202-586-0934 perry.lindstrom@eia.gov
Coal supply and prices
David Fritsch 202-287-6538 david.fritsch@eia.gov
Commercial demand
Kevin Jarzomski 202-586-3208 kevin.jarzomski@eia.gov
Economic activity
Russell Tarver 202-586-3991 russell.tarver@eia.gov
Electricity generation, capacity, emissions
Laura Martin 202-586-1494 laura.martin@eia.gov
Electricity prices
Lori Aniti 202-586-2867 lori.aniti@eia.gov
Ethanol and biodiesel
Estella Shi 202-586-4787 estella.shi@eia.gov
Industrial demand
Nicholas Skarzynski 202-586-4821 nicholas.skarzynski@eia.gov
International oil demand
Peter Colletti 202-586-2223 peter.colletti@eia.gov
International oil production
Troy Cook 202-586-4493 troy.cook@eia.gov
Natural gas markets
Mary Lewis 202-586-8676 mary.lewis@eia.gov
Nuclear energy
Michael Scott 202-586-0253 michael.scott@eia.gov
Oil and natural gas production
Albert Painter 202-287-6463 albert.painter@eia.gov
Oil refining and markets
Peter Colletti 202-586-2223 peter.colletti@eia.gov
Renewable energy
Christopher Namovicz 202-586-7120 christopher.namovicz@eia.gov
Residential demand
Kevin Jarzomski 202-586-3208 kevin.jarzomski@eia.gov
Transportation demand
Michael Dwyer 202-586-8406 michael.dwyer@eia.gov
World oil prices
Sean Hill 202-586-4247 sean.hill@eia.gov

International (IEO) Analysis and Forecasting Experts

Fax: (202) 586-3045

International Energy Outlook
General questions InternationalEnergyOutlook@eia.gov
Economic activity
Elizabeth Sendich 202-586-7145 elizabeth.sendich@eia.gov
Petroleum and other liquid fuels
Troy Cook 202-586-4493
Natural gas
David Manowitz 202-586-2815 david.manowitz@eia.gov
David Fritsch 202-287-6538 david.fritsch@eia.gov
Kenneth Dubin 202-586-0477 kenneth.dubin@eia.gov
Renewable energy
Michelle Bowman 202-586-0526 michelle.bowman@eia.gov
Nuclear power
Slade Johnson 202-586-3945 slade.johnson@eia.gov
Buildings sector
Behjat Hojjati 202-586-1068 behjat.hojjati@eia.gov
District heat
Courtney Sourmehi 202-586-0022 courtney.sourmehi@eia.gov
Industrial sector
Matthew Skelton 202-287-5660 matthew.skelton@eia.gov
Transportation sector
Michael Dwyer 202-586-8406 michael.dwyer@eia.gov
Energy-related CO2 emissions
Perry Lindstrom 202-586-0934 perry.lindstrom@eia.gov

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