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Renewable Energy/Alternate Fuels Data Experts

Contact renewable energy/alternate fuels data experts
Alternative-fueled vehicle suppliers and users
Cynthia Sirk
Chris Cassar
Biodiesel production
Chris Buckner
Solar: Utility scale photovoltaic and thermal
Suparna Ray
Biofuels resources
Steven Hanson
Solar distributed generation (e.g., residential rooftop solar)
David Darling
Biomass for electricity generation (land fill gas and waste)
Chris Cassar
Solar photovoltaic manufacturing and shipment
Lolita Jamison
Densified Biomass (such as wood pellets)
Connor Murphy
Wind (Onshore and offshore)
Tosha Richardson
Geothermal for electricity generation
Chris Cassar
Wind distributed generation
April Lee
Geothermal heat pump
Kevin Jarzomski


Renewable Analysis and Modeling Experts

Contact utility-scale renewable analysis and modeling experts
Biomass: Land fill gas; Municipal solid waste
Electricity levelized costs and avoided costs
Geothermal power
Hydroelectric; Hydrokinetics (Wave, tidal, thermal)
International renewable trends
Renewable RPS, tax incentives, feed-in-tariffs, etc.
Renewable resources assessment
Solar: Utility-scale photovoltaic; Concentrating solar power
Wind: Offshore; Onshore
Contact end-use renewable analysis and modeling experts
Alternative-fueled vehicles (EVs, CNG/LNG, Fuel Cell)
Business, residential, and vehicle investment tax credits
Ground-source (geothermal) heat pumps
Small wind turbines
Solar: Distributed generation; Commercial buildings solar PV; Residential solar PV; Solar thermal water heaters

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