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Summary of New and Deleted Data Elements for New Form EIA-860, “Annual Electric Generator Report”

NEW Data Elements

On Schedule 1 “Identification” - whether the reporting entity is an electric utility

On Schedule 2 “Power Plant Data”:

  1. Steam Plant status (line 10)
  2. Steam Plant type plant type (line 11)
  3. Name of the owner of the transmission or distribution system to which the power plant is interconnected and the grid voltage at the point of interconnection (for all plants) (line 16)

On Schedule 3 “Generator Information”:

  1. Associated boiler IDs (organic-fueled steam-electric only)
  2. Response to unit code required for combined cycle generators
  3. Whether the generator is an electric utility or nonutility generator
  4. For combined cycle steam generators, whether there is an associated duct-burner
  5. For combined heat and power producers, whether the generators are associated with bottoming or topping cycle
  6. Leading and lagging reactive power output at net summer and at net winter capacity for generators 10 megawatts or greater (generator nameplate capacity)
  7. Start-up and flame stabilization fuels
  8. Factors that limit the ability to switch from natural gas to oil
  9. Whether the unit can switch between oil and natural gas while operating
  10. Whether the generator is part of a site that was previously reported as indefinitely postponed or cancelled
  11. Type of technology and steam conditions for existing and proposed coal-fired and petroleum coke-fired generators.

On Schedule 6 “Boiler Information” (formerly collected on the Form EIA-767):

  1. Part A.  Plant configuration
  2. Part B.  Air emission standards, including:
    1. Is boiler operating under a New Source Review (NSR) Permit? – Permit Number
    2. Strategies to meet nitrogen oxides requirements of Title IV of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.
  3. Part C.  Design parameters
  4. Part D.  Nitrogen oxide emission controls
  5. Part E.  Mercury emission controls
  6. Part F.  Cooling system information – design parameters
  7. Part G.  Flue gas particulate collector information
  8. Part H.  Flue gas desulfurization unit – design parameters
  9. Part I.   Stack and flue information – design parameters, including seasonal flue gas exit temperature.


DELETED Data Elements

On Schedule 1 “Identification” - electric utility class of ownership

On Schedule 2 “Power Plant Data”:

  1.  The name of the electric utility in whose service area the plant is located (applicable only to independent power producers and combined heat and power producers)
  2. NERC Subregion

On Schedule 3 “Generator Information”:

  1. The EIA generator code
  2. If any part of the generator is owned by an entity that is not an electric utility
  3. Identification of distributed generators
  4. Modes of transportation for energy sources
  5. The requirements to explicitly report the following for existing generators:
    1. Proposed deactivated shutdown status
    2. Proposed change in ownership
    3. Proposed fuel change
    4. Proposed reactivation from retirement.

EIA has changed the effective date for reporting from January 1 to December 31.
EIA has changed the reporting of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Qualifying Facility information from the generator level to the plant level.