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Posted May 7, 2021 Today in Energy

Average Texas electricity prices were higher in February 2021 due to a severe winter storm ›

In February 2021, extreme winter weather affected energy supply and demand in Texas, resulting in higher electricity prices for some customers. According to preliminary data from EIA’s most recent Electric Power Monthly, the average February electricity price was higher for all customer sectors in Texas compared with the same time last year. More

average monthly electricity price in Texas, by customer sector

Source: EIA, Monthly Electric Power Industry Report

Data Highlights

WTI crude oil futures price

5/6/2021: $64.71/barrel

down$0.30 from week earlier
up$40.72 from year earlier

Natural gas futures price

5/6/2021: $2.928/MMBtu

up$0.017 from week earlier
up$0.984 from year earlier

Weekly coal production

5/1/2021: 11.342 million tons

down0.230 million tons from week earlier
up3.047 million tons from year earlier

Natural gas inventories

4/30/2021: 1,958 Bcf

up60 Bcf from week earlier
down345 Bcf from year earlier

Crude oil inventories

4/30/2021: 485.1 million barrels

down8.0 million barrels from week earlier
down47.1 million barrels from year earlier