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The New Form EIA-860                                             
Form EIA-860  -  Annual Electric Generator Report
Form EIA-767  -  Steam-Electric Plant Operation and Design Report
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What Do I Need to Do?

    See if you are required to file the EIA-860.   
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EIA-860 Resources
  Printable form and instructions
  Answers to Anticipated Questions
  Summary of new and deleted data elements

Having problems?
  Technical - phone 202-586-9595 or email CNEAFHelpCenter@eia.doe.gov
  Data Questions -  email eia-860@eia.doe.gov

New EIA-860
Schedule 6

    Formerly collected on the EIA-767

Part A

Plant Configuration  (Schedule 2)

Part B

Boiler Information – Air Emission Standards (Schedule 4, Part B)

Part C

Boiler Information – Design Parameters  (Schedule 4, Part C )

Part D

Boiler Information – Nitrogen Oxide Emission Controls (Schedule 4, Part D. Questions 3, 6, and 7 moved to the EIA-923

Part E

Boiler Information – Mercury Emission Controls (Schedule 4, Part E) 

Part F

Cooling System Information – Design parameters (Schedule 6, Part B)

Part G

Flue Gas Particulate Collector Information (Schedule 7, questions 6 through 10 moved to EIA-923)

Part H

Flue Gas Desulfurization Unit- Design Parameters – (Schedule 8, Part B)

Part I

Stack and Flue Information- Design Parameters – (Schedule 9)

Crosswalk by schedule EIA-767 to EIA-860 and EIA-923
Crosswalk by element EIA-767 to EIA-860 and EIA-923 excel logo

    Survey Manager Contact Information
        Kenneth McClevey                     202-586-4258             kenneth.mcclevey@eia.doe.gov
        Glenn McGrath                          202-586-4325             glenn.mcgrath@eia.doe.gov

    Project Leader Information
        Elsie Bess                                202-586-2402             elsie.bess@eia.doe.gov