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Posted June 20, 2024 Today in Energy ›

Our estimated rate of U.S. natural gas vented or flared declined in 2023 ›

We estimate the annual reported volume of natural gas that is vented or flared in the United States declined to 0.5% of gross withdrawals in 2023, based on preliminary state and federal data. We estimate this percentage will be the lowest rate of venting and flaring recorded in 18 years. More

monthly U.S. natural gas gross withdrawals and reported vented and flared

Data source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Natural Gas Annual and Natural Gas Monthly; estimates for 2023 venting and flaring: federal and state administrative data

Data Highlights

Retail gasoline price

6/17/2024: $3.435/gal

up$0.006 from week earlier
down$0.142 from year earlier

Crude oil inventories

6/14/2024: 457.1 million barrels 

down2.5 million barrels from week earlier
down6.2 million barrels from year earlier

Weekly coal production

6/20/2024: 9.424 million tons

up0.215 million tons from week earlier
down1.945 million tons from year earlier