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December 19, 2023

Today In Energy Announcement

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We are excited to announce changes to Today in Energy (TIE).

Beginning on January 8, Today in Energy will encompass a broader range of analysis. Pieces previously published as This Week in Petroleum (TWIP), the Electricity Monthly Update (EMU), and the Natural Gas Weekly Update’s (NGWU) In the News will now fall under Today in Energy.

Consolidating these products will make it easier for you to access our energy analysis. We will continue covering emerging energy topics and remain flexible in analyzing changes to the energy landscape.

Key improvements to TIE articles:

  • One page for all analysis. Analysis articles for TWIP, NGWU, and EMU will be available on the TIE page. We will continue to publish the data and statistics associated with these products in their current formats and on their current pages, and their article archives will remain in place.
  • Timely analysis. With this new approach, we will continue to publish articles most weekday mornings, but we will now also publish additional content in the afternoon, as appropriate.
  • Article types. We will publish three article types that span topics across the energy sector.
    • Announcement: highlights from recently released statistics
    • In-brief analysis: a short analysis describing a trend in energy markets, similar to current TIE articles
    • In-depth analysis: a longer analysis addressing more complex topics in energy markets
  • Advanced filtering by article type and topic. In addition to searching articles by keywords, you will be able to filter articles by type.
  • Access to existing legacy content. All TIE articles will still be available in their archive, and legacy articles on TWIP, NGWU, and EMU will be archived and available on their current pages.
  • Larger images and charts. We are increasing the size of our charts for improved visibility.
  • Email updates. If you subscribed to receive email notifications about TWIP, NGWU, and EMU, you will continue to receive email updates about data releases and related TIE articles. Existing TIE subscribers will also continue to receive email updates.

Between December 18, 2023–January 1, 2024, we will publish several of our most popular articles from 2023 in Today in Energy and resume publishing our most up-to-date analysis January 2, 2024.

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Principal contributors: EIA staff