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About Today in Energy

Today in Energy provides topical, timely, short articles with energy news and information you can understand and use. Our experts explain topical data, analysis, issues, and trends to build your understanding of energy issues.

Today in Energy articles are archived by publication date and tagged by topic and article type, allowing users to find several articles on a particular fuel or energy concept. We publish three article types that span topics across the energy sector:

  • Announcement: highlights from recently released statistics and reports
  • In-brief analysis: a short analysis describing a trend in energy markets
  • In-depth analysis: a longer analysis addressing more complex topics in energy markets

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Today in Energy Staff

  • Product Lead: Kristen Tsai
  • Coordinator: Kimberly Peterson

Information Quality

Every effort is made to provide accurate and complete information. Errors are corrected as soon as possible with the clarification noted and explained. Potential errors and questions can be directed to todayinenergy@eia.gov.

Copyright Information

Unless a copyright is indicated, information in Today in Energy is in the public domain and may be copied and distributed with attribution but without permission.

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