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June 11, 2013

EIA’s 2013 Energy Conference next week will look at U.S. and global energy challenges

map of world shale oil and gas formations, as explained in the article text.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration's 2013 Energy Conference, which will be held June 17-18 in Washington, DC, will bring together leaders from government, industry, and academia to discuss energy challenges facing domestic and international energy markets.

The conference will highlight major energy sector issues and trends:

  • Growth in world hydrocarbon resources, including oil and natural gas from shale formations.
  • Evolution and globalization of the natural gas market.
  • Increased U.S. oil and natural gas production and its consequences for the U.S. economy and global energy markets.
  • North and South America as global energy providers.
  • Alternatives to oil in the transport sector, which have promise but still face hurdles.
  • Storage and grid integration to accommodate increased intermittent renewable electricity generation.

Keynote speakers at the conference include:

More than 750 people have already registered to participate in the conference. Register now!

In addition to keynote addresses, the conference will feature 10 discussion panels, where 30 expert speakers will address today's major energy issues. The schedule includes ample time for the panelists to interact with each other and conference participants. The panel topics include:

World Hydrocarbon Resources
EIA/ARI 2013 World Shale Assessment * Technology and Resources * Economics and Resources * Geology and Resources

Global Natural Gas Outlook
The Global LNG Market: Supply Potential Outpaces the Large Demand Expectations * Europe's Unique and Quirky Role in the Emerging Global Gas Market * Pacific Rim Impacts of U.S. Shale Boom

U.S. Oil Production Growth and its Implications
Global Supply and Market Impacts of U.S. Unconventional Oil Production Growth * Implications of Increasing U.S. Crude Oil Production * High and Rising Oil Prices Despite the U.S. Oil Production Boom?

Energy in the Americas
Shifting Energy Trends in the Americas * A New Americas: Beyond the USA and Canada * Market Diversification for Canadian Oil and Gas

Coal and Nuclear: World and Domestic Outlook
Setting Rail Rates for Coal-Fired Power Plants—the New Normal? * Outlook for U.S. Coal and Nuclear Electricity Generation * Insights from Chinese Nuclear Projects

U.S. Natural Gas Production Growth and its Implications
North American Gas Markets & Trans-border Themes * Natural Gas: A National Treasure * U.S. Natural Gas Production Growth and Manufacturing

Alternatives to Oil in Transportation
An Automaker Perspective on Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Sustainability * Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel * Effects of Tax Credits for Electric Vehicles

Renewables, Storage, and Grid Integration
Renewables, Storage, and Grid Integration: A Match Made in Heaven * Valuing Renewables as a Long-Term Price Hedge * Assessing the Economic Value of New Utility-Scale Renewable Generation Projects

Energy Consumption & Building Efficiency
Manufacturing Solutions for Energy Efficiency in Buildings * How Buildings Can Support the Grid * The National Building Efficiency Landscape: DOE's Activities

International Energy Statistics: Coverage and Quality
Activities and Outputs of the United Nations Oslo Group on Energy Statistics * JODI and Other Data: A User's Guide and Perspective * Understanding Chinese Energy Statistics and their Global Implications