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Natural gas explained  

Natural gas statistics

Data for the United States for 2017, except where noted. Physical amounts (volumes) are in billion cubic feet (Bcf) and prices are in dollars per thousand cubic feet (Mcf).

U.S. production (dry gas) 27,291 Bcf
U.S. consumption 27,110 Bcf
U.S. imports 3,042 Bcf
U.S. exports 3,168 Bcf
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports 78 Bcf
Average citygate price $4.16 per Mcf
Average price delivered to consumers
Residential $10.91 per Mcf
Commercial $7.88 per Mcf
Industrial $4.10 per Mcf
Electric power $3.52 per Mcf
Ranking of state residential prices
Highest—Hawaii $38.88 per Mcf
Lowest—Montana $7.62 per Mcf
Natural gas consumption by end use Amount Share of total
Electric power 9,250 Bcf 34%
Industrial 7,949 Bcf 29%
Residential 4,412 Bcf 16%
Commercial 3,164 Bcf 12%
Lease and processing plant fuel 1,564 Bcf 6%
Transportation (pipeline and vehicle fuel) 770 Bcf 3%
Number of producing natural gas wells 486,258
Natural gas percentage of utility-scale electricity generation 32%
Natural gas percentage of utility-scale electricity generation capacity (2016) 42%
Top natural gas-producing state Texas
World dry natural gas
Production (2015) 124,258 Bcf
Consumption (2015) 124,866 Bcf

Last updated: October 10, 2018