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Form EIA-923 detailed data with previous form data (EIA-906/920)                                         

Form EIA-923 Detailed Data – 2016 Data Re-release

April 27, 2017

  • The 2016 EIA-923 data file was revised to reflect a correction to wind generation in Oklahoma for March and April 2016. The original data file understated Oklahoma wind generation by approximately 10.7% and 10.6% for March and April of 2016, respectively. The original data file understated total Oklahoma generation by 3.8% and 3.3% in March and April 2016, respectively. This revised data file corrects this error by revising the data in the tab Page 1 Generation and Fuel Data and Page 4 Generator Data.

Form EIA-923 Detailed Data – 2013 Data Re-release

December 20, 2016

  • The 2013 EIA-923 data file was revised to correct an error with the Schedule 8A byproduct data reported in the "8A Annual Byproduct Disposition" worksheet for the Blue Valley (Plant 2132) and CPI USA NC Southport (Plant 10378) power plants.

Form EIA-923 Detailed Data – 2012 and 2015 Data Re-release

November 30, 2016

  • The 2015 EIA-923 data file was revised to correct the double-counting of natural gas generation between two plants in Texas. The original data files overstated Texas natural gas generation by approximately 1.6% and total U.S. natural gas generation by 0.3%. This revised data file corrects this error by revising the data in the tab for Schedules 3A and 5A.

  • The 2012 EIA-923 data file was also revised to correct state plant locations that were in error. These revisions were done to correct instance where a plant was incorrectly coded as being in one state but actually was in another state. As a result, total generation and generation from wood and wood derived fuels was revised for Maine and Massachusetts, total generation and hydroelectric generation was revised for Michigan, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Vermont, and total generation and wind generation was revised for Minnesota and South Dakota. These revisions are only at the state-level and do not affect national total generation nor generation by fuel type. This revised data file corrects this error by revising the data in the tab for Schedules 3A and 5A.

Form EIA-923 Detailed Data – January 2016 Data Re-release

April 1, 2016

  • Ten hydroelectric plants in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho under-reported their hydroelectric generation for January 2016. EIA has updated this report with the correct generation for these plants. The inclusion of the corrected data increased January 2016 hydroelectric generation for the following states/regions by these percentages: Oregon (63%); Washington (16%); Idaho (13%); the Pacific Contiguous (25%); U.S. total hydroelectric generation (10.2%); and U.S. total generation (0.7%). These revisions are reflected in tables ES1.A and B, tables 1.1 through 1.3.B, and tables 1.10.A and B. EIA also slightly revised generation from coal, petroleum coke, natural gas, and other energy sources; consumption of coal, petroleum liquids, and natural gas; fuel stocks for coal and petroleum liquids; receipts of coal and petroleum liquids; and the cost of petroleum liquids to independent power producers. These changes are reflected in the report in tables ES1.A through ES2.B and the corresponding Chapter 2, 3, and 4 tables.

March 30, 2016

  • Tables 2.8.A-B through 2.13.A-B, Consumption of Fuels for Electricity Generation by State, by Sector, in the March EPM posted on March 25, 2016, were incorrectly denominated in Trillion Btus rather than physical units (e.g., Thousands Tons; Thousand Barrels; or Million Cubic Feet). The revised tables in this report show those values in the correct physical units. Units in Tables 2.6.A-C, Biogenic Municipal Solid Waste Consumption, were incorrectly labeled as Million Cubic Feet. The unit label has been corrected to Thousands Tons.

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