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The New Form EIA-923                                             
Form EIA-906  -  Power Plant Report
Form EIA-920  -  Combined Heat and Power Plant Report
Form EIA-423  -  Monthly Cost and Quality of Fuels for Electric Plants
FERC Form 423 - Monthly Report of Cost and Quality of Fuels for Electric Plants
Form EIA-767  -  Steam-Electric Plant Operation and Design Report
                            (operational information)

What Do I Need to Do?

    See if you are required to file the EIA-923 
    Yes? File the EIA-923 electronically  
          No need to re-register if registered for any of the previous forms above.
          If not registered for electronic filing.  Send us an email.

EIA-923 Resources
  Printable form and instructionspdf logo
  Answers to Anticipated Questions
  Unit Conversions excel logo
  Summary of new and deleted data elements

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Having problems?
  Technical - phone 202-586-9595 or email CNEAFHelpCenter@eia.doe.gov

  Data Questions - 
    Survey Manager Contact Information (all can answer general EIA-923 questions) -

    Specific questions about Schedule 8 data, previously filed on the Form EIA-767:
        Channele Wirman                     202-586-5356             channele.wirman@eia.doe.gov
        Samir Nandy                            202-586-4604             samir.nandy@eia.doe.gov

    Specific questions about Schedules 3A, 3B, 4, 5A, 5B, 6 and 7 data, previously filed on the Forms EIA-906 or EIA-920:
        Ron Hankey                             202-586-2630             rhankey@eia.doe.gov
        Chris Cassar                            202-586-5448             christopher.cassar@eia.doe.gov
        Mario Segura                           202-586-5193             mario.segura@eia.doe.gov
        Fredericka Ortiz-Adams            202-586-4662             fredericka.ortiz-adams@eia.doe.gov
        Channele Wirman                     202-586-5356             channele.wirman@eia.doe.gov
    Specific questions about Schedule 2 data, previously filed on the Form EIA-423 or the FERC Form 423:
        Becky McNerney                      202-586-4509             rebecca.mcnerney@eia.doe.gov
        Sue Ray                                  202-586-5077             suparna.ray@eia.doe.gov