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October 2021

October 29, 2021

Residential propane prices start winter heating season at highest level since 2011

October 28, 2021

Two nuclear power plants in northern Illinois reversed plans to retire early

October 27, 2021

U.S. consumers expected to spend more for heating oil this upcoming winter

October 26, 2021

EIA projects global conventional vehicle fleet will peak in 2038

October 25, 2021

EIA forecasts U.S. winter natural gas bills will be 30% higher than last winter

October 22, 2021

U.S. consumers likely to pay more for propane heating during the upcoming winter

October 21, 2021

EIA projects that energy-related carbon dioxide emissions will rise over the next 30 years

October 20, 2021

EIA projects non-OECD Asia to become the largest importers of natural gas by 2050

October 19, 2021

Drilling and completion improvements support Permian Basin hydrocarbon production

October 18, 2021

Annual U.S. coal-fired electricity generation will increase for the first time since 2014

October 15, 2021

Renewables will account for most global generation increases, but coal use remains high

October 14, 2021

U.S. natural gas prices likely to remain elevated through the winter

October 13, 2021

EIA expects U.S. households to spend more on energy this winter

October 12, 2021

Azerbaijan has increased natural gas production and added a connection to Europe

October 8, 2021

U.S. gasoline exports in May, June, and July reach new seasonal highs

October 7, 2021

EIA projects nearly 50% increase in world energy use by 2050, led by growth in renewables

October 6, 2021

EIA projects accelerating renewable consumption and steady liquid fuels growth to 2050

October 5, 2021

A change in China’s tax policy is affecting Asia's petroleum product trade

October 4, 2021

By 2018, LEDs had become the second-most common lighting in U.S. commercial buildings

October 1, 2021

Capacity outages at U.S. nuclear power plants averaged 3.1 gigawatts this summer

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