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U.S. energy facts explained  

U.S. total energy statistics

Data for 2021, except were noted.1 Note: sum of share of totals below may not equal 100% because of independent rounding.

Total primary energy production 98.34 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu)
By fuel/energy source share of total
Natural gas 36%
Petroleum (crude oil and natural gas plant liquids) 31%
Renewable energy 13%
Coal 12%
Nuclear electric power 8%
Total energy consumption 97.91 quadrillion Btu
By fuel/energy source share of total
Petroleum 36%
Natural gas 32%
Renewable energy 12%
Coal 11%
Nuclear electric power 8%
By sector and share of total U.S. primary energy consumption share of total
Electric power 38%
Transportation 28%
Industrial 23%
Residential 7%
Commercial 5%
Energy trade
Imports 21.46 quadrillion Btu
Exports 25.07 quadrillion Btu
Net imports -3.62 quadrillion Btu
Net exports 3.62 quadrillion Btu
Electricity generation 4.12 trillion kilowatthours
By major fuel/energy source share of total
Natural gas 38%
Renewables2 20%
Nuclear 19%
Coal 22%
Petroleum 0.5%
Other gases and sources3 0.6%
Energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions 4,872 million metric tons CO2
By energy source share of total
Petroleum 46%
Natural gas 34%
Coal 20%
Energy consumption indicators
Primary energy consumption per capita 295 million Btu per person
Primary energy consumption per real dollar of GDP 5.04 thousand Btu per chained (2012) dollar
Energy-related CO2 emissions per capita 14.8 metric tons (32,408 pounds) per person
Energy-related CO2 emissions per real dollar of GDP 252 metric tons (278 short tons) per million chained (2012) dollars

1 Source: Monthly Energy Review, November 22, 2022.
2 Excludes pumped storage hydro electricity generation.
3 Includes blast furnace gas and other manufactured and waste gases derived from fossil fuels, batteries, chemicals, hydrogen, pitch, purchased steam, sulfur, municipal solid waste from nonrenewable/non-biogenic sources, tire-derived fuels, and other miscellaneous sources.

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