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Posted April 13, 2021 Today in Energy

More electricity is generated in Georgia from biomass than in any state except California ›

In 2020, Georgia generated 5.8 million megawatthours (MWh) of electricity from biomass, or about 10% of the nation’s total, the second most of any state according to EIA’s Electric Power Monthly. Almost 5% of Georgia's in-state electricity generation in 2020 came from biomass, mostly wood and wood-derived fuels, a share that ranked sixth in the nation. Biomass accounted for nearly half of Georgia’s total renewable electricity generation in 2020. More

Annual biomass electricity generation by sector in selected states in 2020

Source: EIA, Electric Power Monthly

Data Highlights

WTI crude oil futures price

4/12/2021: $59.70/barrel

up$1.05 from week earlier
up$36.94 from year earlier

Natural gas futures price

4/12/2021: $2.561/MMBtu

up$0.050 from week earlier
up$0.828 from year earlier

Retail gasoline price

4/12/2021: $2.849/gal

down$0.008 from week earlier
up$0.996 from year earlier

Retail diesel price

4/12/2021: $3.129/gal

down$0.015 from week earlier
up$0.622 from year earlier

Weekly coal production

4/3/2021: 10.727 million tons

down0.336 million tons from week earlier
up0.332 million tons from year earlier