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July 2019

July 31, 2019

Texas ranks first in U.S.-installed wind capacity and number of turbines

July 30, 2019

Efficiency requirements for residential central AC and heat pumps to rise in 2023

July 29, 2019

U.S. LNG exports to Europe increase amid declining demand and spot LNG prices in Asia

July 26, 2019

More U.S. coal-fired power plants are decommissioning as retirements continue

July 25, 2019

U.S. government energy consumption continues to decline

July 24, 2019

Saudi Arabia has been exporting more crude oil to China, less to the United States

July 23, 2019

The Suez Canal and SUMED Pipeline are critical chokepoints for oil and natural gas trade

July 22, 2019

In 2018, foreign-sourced uranium accounted for 90% of U.S. nuclear operators’ purchases

July 19, 2019

The number of electric utility rate cases increased in 2018

July 18, 2019

Summer natural gas prices on track to be the lowest in more than 20 years

July 17, 2019

Iran drives unplanned OPEC crude oil production outage to highest levels since late 2015

July 16, 2019

New EPA ruling expands sale of 15% ethanol blended motor gasoline

July 15, 2019

EIA expects U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions to fall in 2019

July 12, 2019

Growth in Argentina’s Vaca Muerta shale and tight gas production leads to LNG exports

July 11, 2019

Lower anticipated global economic growth reduces expectations for 2019 global oil demand

July 10, 2019

U.S. utility-scale battery storage power capacity to grow substantially by 2023

July 9, 2019

In 2018, 90% of the natural gas used in the United States was produced domestically

July 8, 2019

U.S. crude oil production surpassed 12 million barrels per day in April

July 1, 2019

Petroleum, natural gas, and coal continue to dominate U.S. energy consumption

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