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Electric Power Monthly

Jul 24, 2019
Data in the July 2019 Electric Power Monthly (EPM) are for May 2019, during which net generation in the United States fell 3.4% from the May 2018 level. Consumption of natural gas for power generation was down 3.2% compared with May 2018. The average residential retail price of electricity for May 2019 was up 1.3% from what it had been in May 2018.

Electricity Monthly Update

Jul 24, 2019
This month’s Electricity Monthly Update contains data for May 2019 and a feature article about how international U.S. electricity trade varies by regional transmission capacity.

Monthly Solar Photovoltaic Module Shipments Report

Jul 23, 2019
This report contains monthly summary data for the photovoltaic industry in the United States. Data include manufacturing, imports, and exports of modules in the United States and its territories. Summary data include volumes in peak kilowatts and average prices. Where possible, imports and exports are listed by country, and shipments to the United States are listed by state.

Prime Supplier Report

Jul 22, 2019
The Prime Supplier Report presents data through May 2019 on Form EIA-782C, Monthly Report of Prime Supplier Sales of Petroleum Products Sold for Local Consumption. These data measure primary product deliveries into the states where they are locally marketed and consumed.

Financial Review: First-Quarter 2019

Jul 22, 2019
This analysis focuses on the financial and operating trends of 119 global oil and natural gas companies from 2014 through the first quarter of 2019.

Working natural gas stocks are more than half full in all regions as the deficit to the five-year average declines

Jul 18, 2019
The U.S. Energy Information Administration's (EIA) weekly estimates of natural gas storage capacity utilization published on July 12, 2019, exceed 50% in all regions for the second straight week. EIA updates estimates of underground storage capacity utilization by region each week in the Natural Gas Storage Dashboard. EIA created this metric to help analysts easily assess how full natural gas storage stocks are by region. The utilization estimate measures the weekly volume of working gas in a region compared with the amount of working gas capacity in a region.

Wholesale Electricity Market Data

Jul 18, 2019
This site contains spreadsheets with wholesale electricity and natural gas data from eight major trading hubs that cover most regions of the United States. The data are through July 16, 2019 and are republished, with permission, from the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE).

State Energy Profiles: New monthly data for April and May 2019, new annual data, and updated Profile Analyses and Quick Facts

Jul 18, 2019
New monthly data are available for

  • Electricity
  • Petroleum
  • Natural gas
  • Coal

New annual data are available for

  • Total energy consumption and expenditures per capita
  • Total energy production
  • Ethanol production
  • Alternative fueling stations

In addition, Profile Analyses and Quick Facts have been updated for

  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont

Drilling Productivity Report

Jul 15, 2019
The Drilling Productivity Report (DPR) uses recent data on the total number of drilling rigs in operation along with estimates of drilling productivity and estimated changes in production from existing oil and natural gas wells to provide estimated changes in oil and natural gas production for seven key regions.

Working gas deficit to the five-year average continues recent pattern of decline

Jul 11, 2019
Working natural gas stocks in the Lower 48 states totaled 2,471 billion cubic feet (Bcf) for the week ending July 5, 2019, 142 Bcf lower than the previous five-year average, according to the Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report (WNGSR) released this week.

Short-Term Energy Outlook

Jul 9, 2019
Brent crude oil spot prices averaged $64 per barrel (b) in June, $7/b lower than in May 2019 and $10/b lower than the price in June of last year. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts Brent spot prices will average $67/b in the second half of 2019 and remain at that level in 2020. EIA expects West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil prices will average $62/b in the second half of 2019 and $63/b in 2020. EIA’s forecast WTI price of $63/b for December 2019 should be considered in the context of NYMEX WTI futures and options contract values for December 2019 delivery that traded during the five-day period ending July 3, 2019. These contracts suggest a range of $40/b to $84/b encompasses the market expectation for December NYMEX WTI prices at the 95% confidence level.

Wholesale Electricity Market Data

Jul 3, 2019
This site contains spreadsheets with wholesale electricity and natural gas data from eight major trading hubs that cover most regions of the United States. The data are through July 2, 2019 and are republished, with permission, from the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE).

Lower 48 natural gas injections into underground storage fields have been on a record-setting pace

Jul 2, 2019
During the first 12 weeks of the 2019 summer refill season, which traditionally ranges from April 1 to October 31, net injections of working natural gas into underground storage fields in the Lower 48 states have set a record pace. Weekly net injections for the weeks ending April 5 through June 21, 2019 have totaled 1,171 billion cubic feet (Bcf), averaging about 98 Bcf per week. Cumulative net injections have exceeded the five-year average by 41%, reducing the current five-year average deficit by 314 Bcf. As a result, working natural gas stocks narrowed to 171 Bcf lower than the five-year average as of June 21, 2019.

Quarterly Coal Report (QCR), January–March 2019

Jul 1, 2019
U.S. coal production during the first quarter of 2019 totaled 179.5 million short tons (MMst), which was 6.7% lower than the previous quarter and 4.3% lower than the first quarter of 2018. First-quarter 2019 U.S. coal exports (25.2 MMst) decreased 11.4% from the fourth-quarter 2018 level and decreased 7.4% from the first-quarter 2018 level. U.S. coal imports in the first quarter of 2019 totaled 1.7 MMst. All data for 2017 and previous years are final. All data for 2018 and 2019 are preliminary.

Petroleum Marketing Monthly

Jul 1, 2019
The July 2019 Petroleum Marketing Monthly (PMM), with data through April 2019, presents monthly and annual price and volume statistics covering crude oil and refined petroleum products sales in the United States.

Quarterly Coal Distribution Report (QCDR) – First Quarter 2019

Jul 1, 2019
The Quarterly Coal Distribution Report (QCDR) provides detailed U.S. domestic coal distribution data for January 2019–March 2019 (excluding waste coal and imports) by coal origin, coal destination, mode of transportation, and consuming sector. Quarterly coal distribution data for all quarters are preliminary and will be updated in the corresponding Annual Coal Distribution Report.

Petroleum Supply Monthly

Jun 28, 2019
Supply and disposition of crude oil and petroleum products on a national and regional level. The data series describe production, imports and exports, movements, and inventories.

Company Level Imports

Jun 28, 2019
Imports data at the company level collected from the EIA-814 Monthly Imports Report.

Monthly Biodiesel Production Report

Jun 28, 2019
Monthly national and regional biodiesel production data for April 2019. In addition to biodiesel production, data included producer sales, producer stocks, and feedstock inputs.

Monthly Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production

Jun 28, 2019
These monthly production estimates are based on data from the EIA-914, Monthly Crude Oil, Lease Condensate, and Natural Gas Production Report.

State Energy Data System: Complete set of state-level estimates through 2017

Jun 28, 2019
The State Energy Data System now features annual state-level estimates of energy production, consumption, prices, and expenditures by energy source and by sector through 2017.

Natural Gas Monthly

Jun 28, 2019
In April 2019, for the 24th consecutive month, dry natural gas production increased year to year for the month. The preliminary level for dry natural gas production in April 2019 was 2,708 billion cubic feet (Bcf), or 90.3 Bcf/d. This level was 9.8 Bcf/d (12.2%) higher than the April 2018 level of 80.4 Bcf/d. The average daily rate of dry natural gas production for April was the highest for any month since EIA began tracking monthly dry natural gas production in 1973.

U.S. Movements of Crude Oil By Rail

Jun 28, 2019
Monthly data on rail movements of crude oil have been updated for April 2019. Crude oil movements by rail have significantly increased over the past five years. The data on crude-by-rail (CBR) movements are also fully integrated with EIA’s existing monthly petroleum supply statistics, which already include crude oil movements by pipeline, tanker, and barge.

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Today In Energy article

The United States tends to produce lighter crude oil and import heavier crude oil

Lower 48 states crude oil production by API gravity
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Monthly Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production

In 2018, total U.S. crude oil production grew by 17%, led by increased production of relatively light, less dense crude oil. The increase in light crude oil production is largely the result of the growth in crude oil production from shale and tight rock formations, which are now more accessible because of improvements in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.

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