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As of July 1, 2022, we are continuing to restore our systems. The monthly data releases, including the Petroleum Supply Monthly, Natural Gas Monthly, and Electric Power Monthly, will be published next week. We will continue to post regular updates regarding the status of other data products.

Petroleum & Other Liquids

Webinar: Learn about new data on the rail transportation of ethanol and biodiesel

Starting with the April 4th release of the March 2016 Petroleum Supply Monthly, which has data for January 2016, EIA included new data on ethanol and biodiesel transported by railroad.

The new data is fully integrated in EIA's petroleum supply and disposition data along with pipeline, tanker, and barge data. The new data is aggregated with movements by pipeline, tanker, and barge.

EIA is initiating the new series with monthly data revised to include rail movements of ethanol and biodiesel from January 2014 through the current reporting month, January 2016.

Starting in the release of the April 2016 Petroleum Supply Monthly, which will contain data for February 2016, tables 5-24 will contain the changes. A new table 60 will show crude oil, ethanol, and biodiesel movements by pipeline, tanker, barge, and rail. The current table 60 will now be table 61.

Participate in EIA's webinar on Thursday, April 7 at 11:00 a.m. EST.

    An introduction to
    • EIA's new ethanol and biodiesel-by-rail data
    • How the rail data impacts EIA's product balances
    • Questions and answers

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