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Company Level Imports Explanatory Notes

Notice:  Ongoing analysis of imports data to the Energy Information Administration reveals that some imports are not correctly reported on Form EIA-814 "Monthly Imports Report". Contact with the companies provides sufficient information for EIA to include these imports in the data even though they have not provided complete reports on Form EIA-814. Estimates are included in aggregate data, but the estimates are not included in the file of Company-Level Imports. Therefore, summation of volumes for PAD Districts 1-5 from the Company-Level Imports will not equal aggregate import totals.

Explanation of Codes Used in Imports Database Files

SURVEY_ID EIA-814 Survey Form Number for Collecting Petroleum Import Statistics
RPT_PERIOD Report Period in YYMM Format
R_S_NAME Importing Company Name
LINE_NUM Line Number Reported by Importer of Record
PROD_CODE Internal EIA Product Code
PROD_NAME Product Name
PORT_CITY Port of Entry
PORT_STATE State Abbreviation
PORT_PADD Petroleum Administration for Defense District (PADD) for the Port of Entry
GCTRY_CODE Country Code
CNTRY_NAME Country Name
QUANTITY Import Quantity (thousand barrels)
SULFUR Sulfur Percent
PCOMP_RNAM Processing Company Name
PCOMP_SNAM Processing Facility Name
PCOMP_STAT Processing Company State Code
STATE_NAME Processing Company State
PCOMP_PADD Processing Company PADD