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Sample Electricity Dashboard

This page was created in 30 minutes using only embedded visualizations. No database or programming was required. To learn how to add interactive visualizations of EIA data to your website, visit the embedding webpage.

The next two map embeds are from the Electricity Data Browser

<iframe id="eia_widget" style="width:50%;height:300px" src="//www.eia.gov/opendata/embed/iframe.php?periods=120&analysis=bubble&map=us_merc_en
&geoset_id=ELEC.GEN.ALL-99.M&relation_id=ELEC.GEN.ALL-99.M|FUEL&regions=USA&relation_mode=area &num=7D"></iframe>
<iframe id="eia_widget" style="float:right;width:80%;height:400px" src="//www.eia.gov/opendata/embed/iframe.php?geoset_id=ELEC.PRICE.ALL.M&map=


High prices not only affect consumer pocketbook, it affect the viability of solar (along with sunshine and tax breaks)

The next two maps embed are from the International Energy Browser

Global usage by country shows total Chinese usage surpassing the U.S. in 2011

<iframe id="eia_widget" style="width:50%;height:500px" src="//www.eia.gov/opendata/embed/iframe.php?geoset_id=INTL.2-2-BKWH.A&map=world&relation_mode=line&regions=USA;CHN"></iframe>

The growth of electricity usage (and CO2 emissions) in China eclipses the rest of the world:

<iframe id="eia_widget" style="width:50%;height:500px" src=""//www.eia.gov/opendata/embed/iframe.php?analysis=indexval&start=2005&geoset_id=INTL.2-2-BKWH.A&map=world&relation_mode=line&regions=USA;CHN"></iframe>


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